Liaisons & Partners

In order for us to live up to our mission of being the best hosting support guide on the planet, and to better serve our visitors, we try to work with our colleagues in the industry as much as we can.

If you would like to work with us, there are many ways you can.


The most useful way you can assist us is by participating in the community.  And the best part is it costs nothing to do so.  Just create an account and participate in discussions on the website, and let us know if we need to update or clarify something in our support documentation.  Help us help you.


We are not currently soliciting advertisers directly, but you can still advertise on our website via Google AdSense.  We will announce advertiser opportunities on our blog, when the time comes.

If you have a hosting related affiliate program, let us know.  In the future we plan on incorporating more affiliate links into the site, where appropriate.  Please post your affiliate program in the Affiliate Programs to Join forum, and we will consider it.

Web Hosts & Service Providers

Completing any or all of the following would help assist us in serving you as a web host or service provider.

  1. Act as a liaison with us, and assist us in keeping documentation up to date.
  2. Create a presence on the website by creating user accounts and participating in the forums and conversations.
  3. Provide us a web hosting account we can verify information on and test things out.
  4. Sponsor sections of the site or specific content.  (For example, we can write help documentation for your hosting company, and mention you as a sponsor of that help documentation.)
  5. Let us join your Affiliate Program.

For a full explanation and further details, please see our article on:

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