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Once you have selected your web host, it is time to get acquainted with your web hosting control panel and tools so that you can configure your website. Most of the settings are "set and forget" while some you may come back to again and again, like webmail or traffic statistics.

Different web hosting companies may have different control panels (or sometimes no control panel at all), however the concepts are all the same. Since different web hosts use different control panels, we have organized our articles into general concepts, and then by control panel.

Hosting Control Panel Guides

cPanel Guide Plesk Guide
cPanel Guide Plesk Guide

If you are already familar with web hosting concepts, or just want to skip ahead, you can procede directly to the section for your hosting control panel.

Specific tasks like logging in, changing your password, setting up your websites, creating email accounts, creating databases, making backups and more are located in each hosting control panel guide.

Concepts & Common Questions

If you are just getting started, you will probably want to start off with out Web Hosting Concepts section, which includes:

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