Web Hosting Control Panels

Web hosts use a variety of control panels. Some of them are widely available, and some are custom control panels written for a specific web host. Some hosts even use more than one control panel, one for billing and one for managing websites.

Popular Hosting Control Panel Software

cPanel Guide Plesk Guide
cPanel Guide Plesk Guide

There are several companies that make web hosting control panel software.  The two most popular ones are:

Some other ones available include:

Integrated & Customized Hosting Control Panels

Some web hosts customize their hosting control panels so that it looks and behaves differently than the standard installation.  Many times they will integrate their billing control panel with their hosting control panel, providing a single signon.

Web hosts that customize the control panel software may make changes to how certain functionaity works, while leaving other functionality virtually unchanged.

Some examples include:

Host Specific Control Panels

Some web hosts have their own control panels, written exclusively for themselves.  Examples include:

  • GoDaddy
  • 1&1

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