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To make things easier to find, we have divided the Complete Hosting Guide into multiple guides.  These guides are still a work in progress, but we try to add or update content every day.

Where possible, we have tried to place all articles somewhere within this hierarchy of guides and then cross linked them with related content.  By putting the articles in a hierarchy, it gives you an alternate means of finding what you are looking for, if you do not know the exact terms you need to search for.

For a description of each guide, keep reading.

Web Hosting Guide

This guide covers things you typically do in the web hosting control panel, and mostly include setup, configuration and maintenance tasks you need to perform.  For example, when you need to setup a new website or domain on your account, or create an email address, or create a database.

We are currently focusing on the cPanel control panel, which is used by a lot of web hosts, but eventually we will include more control panels.

Domain Guide

This guide is focused on things you typically would do at your domain registrar, such as registering a domain name, changing name servers, and creating private name servers.  

Because domains must be configured at both your registrar and on your web host, we have cross linked this section with the Web Hosting Guide where appropriate.

Email Guide

This guide is focused on helping your use your email after it is setup.

(Note: Setting up email is located in the Web Host Guide instead under the appropriate hosting control panel.)

Building Your Website

After you register and configure your domain name at the domain registrar, and configure your web hosting account, you can now start building.  Here we will cover Content Management Systems (CMS) such as WordPress, and eCommerce scripts.

This section will eventually be the biggest section of the site, subdivided into many smaller sections.  For now, we are mostly focusing on WordPress.

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