Building Your Website Guides

There are a variety of ways to build your website. In this guide we will cover WordPress and Drupal, as well as share some code snippets that we have found useful.

Content Management Systems (CMS) & Blogs

The most efficient way to build a website is to use a content management system (or CMS for short) to create it. A CMS allows you to focus on the content of your website or blog, without having to know how to program in HTML, PHP or other languages.

The two most popular ones available are WordPress and Drupal.

WordPress GuideWordPress

WordPress is a widely used for both blogging and for website creation. With thousands of plugins and themes available, it is arguably the most customizable CMS out there.

We have a variety of videos and articles that can help guide the way.

Drupal GuideDrupal

Drupal is also a widely used platform for creating websites, and is popular with designers and website builders who want to customize the layout and add more advanced functionality. 

We have a variety of videos and articles, including complete step-by-step video courses.

Code Snippets

Sometimes you just need a piece of code added to your website to get the feature you need. Here are some HTML, PHP and CSS snippets we've found useful.

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