What tools do you use as a writer?

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I am curious what tools you use for technical writing? For example, what kind of editing and/or word processing software do you use? Are there specific websites that help?

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I Prefer Posting Directly

Since I like seeing exactly what the article will look like when finished, I like posting directly on the website where possible so I can preview it in its natural environment.

So I usually create the article in WordPress or Drupal and preview it there.  If it is not ready to publish, I can still preview it before it gets publicly posted.

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As funny as it may seem, the

As funny as it may seem, the only tool I use is WordCounter. It is a free website that counts words and checks them for spelling errors and such. It is really useful when writing complicated, 1000+ word content.

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For me, since I am a visual

For me, since I am a visual person, any WYSIWYG editor will work for me, as long as I can also edit the HTML code directly if I want to tweak something, or embed some code into the page.

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If I create something for a wordpress site I'm building, I write it directly there to preview. If it's a standalone article I do it in a word processor software (MS Word).

The Right Tool For The Right Job

It really depends on what I am writing or what the project calls for. If I am doing blog posts I just use WordPress directly. If I am doing an article then I use Microsoft Word. If I am writing an ebook, then I use Scrivener or Word. If I do a screenplay or anything creative I will work in Final Draft or Scrivener.