What do you think of the new top level domains (TLDs)?

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ICANN has allowed some new top level domains such as .today and .guru to supplement the generic TFLs such as .com and .net.  What do you think of the new domain extensions?  Have your registered any domains yet with the new extensions?

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I think it was about time for

I think it was about time for so many new TLDs. Finding a good domain name has gotten more and more difficult lately. I recently bought a dot community domain myself!

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I really like the new domains

I really like the new domains, personally. Really glad for some new names and for some change from the old .com`s. Looking forward to creating websites under these new domains for sure.

There Are Over 1200 What's Not To Like

I haven't really strayed too much from the old TLDs. I've had .tv for a few sites, but that's about it. As of January 2016 IANA said the last count was 1205 TLDs. So there is no excuse for people not to be able to get the domain they like now.

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Why not

I never stray from my .com or .net when doing worldwide sites, but there is certainly commercial value in niche TLD's and a wider selection is always great!