What are some good gigs in Fiverr for promoting my website?

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I see a lot of gigs on Fiverr for promoting my website. Are any of these any good? How will I know which ones are legit and which ones are not?

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I'm a big Fiverr buyer

As the title says "I'm a big Fiverr". In fact i am a seller to! If you are looking for some gigs, though to improve website traffic. I would definitely consider:

It depends on what your goal is really, if you just want traffic then almost every fiverr is legit. But if you are trying to aim for a specific goal then use, the ones i listed above.

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You'll often understand if a

You'll often understand if a gig is legit or note by the gig's ratings. If you can choose between a level 3 seller with 500 5-star reviews or a beginning sellers without any reviews or several 2-star reviews, it's obvious you should go with the first one.

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If you want to see your business first page then you have clicked right gig

I am working on SEO from 2009 and getting lot of experience in this field. Since before 2012 the ranking of any website is very easy but after 2012 there is update from google called penguin and panda update so now it is very difficult to rank any site since Google aimed to lower the rank of "low-quality sites" or "thin sites", in particular "content farms", and return higher-quality sites near the top of the search results.