Upgrading Your Hosting Plan

How often do you upgrade or change your hosting plan? This of course will depend on the type of sites you have. Feel free to share the type of sites you have and the experiences you have had to encounter. It will be interesting to see how different niches effect how you change your plan.

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Only if It is Worth It

I usually don't change hosts that much unless I am having problems with a particular host, and they don't fix it. It takes a lot of work to transfer hosts, especially when you have multiple websites. It's usually not worth the hassle if you are only saving a couple bucks a month.

For shared and reseller hosting, a good host will usually update the server software and hardware as needed. For a dedicated server, I usually get a new one after several years. You often can get a much better server for the same price, or even cheaper.

Another reason to transfer, or course, is when you outgrow your web host. If the site is taking off and you need more resources, it might be the ideal time to switch to something better.

Scott M. Stolz
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