Should I hire someone to promote my website?

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I see a lot of people offering to promote my website in various ways. For example, on Fiverr, there is a ton of people saying they will bring you traffic to their website. I need traffic to my new websites, but I am not sure how best to promote it.

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If you are looking to get

If you are looking to get high quality, organic traffic to your sites, you should avoid buying services like that, be it on Fiverr or anywhere else. You will get the traffic, sure, but those people will never visit your site again. These things are good only to boost your website/blog when you are just starting out.

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I mean someone on Fiverr

I mean someone on Fiverr might be able to better promote something for you because of the fact that they might have more followers on social media. That's why people hire them in the first place. They might have a better reach than you would.

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Be Careful

When hiring someone to promote your website, it is important to know how they are going to promote your website.

Some methods are simply not effective. They may drive a ton of traffic to your website, but none of the visitors will come back and none of them will buy. Or worse, most of the traffic is from bots rather than people.

Other methods could actually get you blacklisted by Google and others due to black hat methods of traffic generation. Spamming, buying links, and other techniques are frowned upon by Google and others.

So, before you hire someone, make sure you are getting quality targetted traffic, and not just a bunch of untargetted hits to your website.

Scott M. Stolz
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