Should I choose WordPress, Joomla or Drupal?

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I am looking for a content management system for building a website. I heard that WordPress, Drupal and Joomla are the most popular. Which one should I choose?

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WordPress or Drupal

It really depends on the website, but I prefer WordPress and Drupal.  WordPress is easier to use, but Drupal is much easier to customize in certain ways, especially by being able to insert PHP code directly into pages.

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For most people, I would

For most people, I would recommend WordPress over Drupal 7. Drupal 8, on the other hand, looks like it will be awesome, so I might change my mind when Drupal 8 comes out.

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Word press no doubt man.

It really depends on the project you are trying to create. But as far as just a professional website i would definitely recommend Wordpress. More plugins/More themes/Bigger support community. - Submit your forum, to get a free 24 hour Advertisement slot Automatically!

You Can't Go Wrong With Either

They're all great system, but it really comes down to what you need it to do. If you're new to CMS then I would say WordPress is your best bet. It's easy to install, highly customizable, and it's the most widely used so there is a lot of help out there if you need it. It's good for websites, blogs, or e-commerce stores. Joomla is good, but you will want to know some coding. The same with Drupal, which I think probably is the best for a lot of applications, but a little more technically advanced than most people will need.