Have you ever been fired due to corporate politics?

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I have heard many stories about people being fired, not because of how they did their job, but rather because of corporate politics. Have you had that happen to you, or know someone who has had that happen to them?

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His New Manager Took His Promotion

The stories I could tell.

I know someone who lost his job because middle management was getting jealous of all the positive attention he was getting with the new corporate owners.

He got a new manager, who almost immediately demoted him. The new manager put her best friend in his position, and took the promotion the guy was in line to get. They twisted the facts and even lied, writing him up several times to get him fired.

When he complained that it was not fair and that he was going to go to the CEO and contest it, they twisted his words around, and fired him for having a bad attitude. They even claimed he had an "outburst" which wasn't even true. They just wanted to make up stuff so the CEO would agree to fire him.

All this, despite the fact that he was well liked and there was no issues with his performance for the previous 2 years. In fact, he was getting a lot of positive attention because he was doing a great job.

The funny thing is that after he got fired, a bunch of his former co-workers endorsed him on LinkedIn, saying the exact opposite of what he was supposedly fired for. They all agreed he was a great employee and an asset to the company.

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Setup to be Fired

Another person at the same company was setup to be fired.

At a hosting conference, there were alcoholic drinks available. His supervisor and other employees were drinking, and his supervisor even said it was okay.

After getting back from the conference, he was fired for drinking on the job, and that was put on his employee record. When he applied for unemployment, he was denied because of the reason he was fired.

This despite the fact that none of the other people at the conference who were also drinking never even received a warning or write up for it. They basically just needed an excuse to fire him, since he did not get along with some of the other middle managers.

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Not Myself, But Others

I really only had this happen on one of my first jobs a long time ago. It didn't happen to me directly, but to other people around me. The company didn't want people to be with them long enough to collect any pension or benefits. So they would fire people in their 18th and 19th year with the company just shy of being there long enough. It was a right to work state so they didn't need a reason to fire them.