Bandwidth Needs

When you look at most hosting plans they have different bandwidth sizes. But what do I really need? How do I figure it out? I know it will change with the more traffic I get, but what is a good start?

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Statistics in your Control Panel & Chrome or Firefox Tools

Since all websites are different, you will need to test the website, which means it already needs to be hosted somewhere.

One way to do that is to log into your web hosting control panel and look at your website statistics. You will be able to see how much bandwidth you are currently using, and be able to compare that to the number of page views and visitors you have. You can then make estimates based on hypothetical increases in traffic.

If you want to look at particular pages, use Chrome or Firefox and use some of the built in developer features, and then look at your analytics to see how people are using your website, and extrapolate from there. 

In Chrome, you can right click on the page you are viewing and click on "Inspect." Once there, click on the "Network" tab, and then reload the page (pressing F5 on a PC). It will show you how much bandwidth each piece of content on the page uses, and give you a total at the bottom. Firefox has a similar feature.

You can then make estimates based on projected number of page views and visitors.

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Testing can properly evaluate your needs, a rought estimation can be made by your intended content, obviously a viral video site will need much more bandwidth than a pure textual blog.