Are companies really interested in managing a knowledge base?

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Are web hosting companies really interested in managing a knowledge base?

I worked for one company, and the guy who was in charge of the support documentation had the philosophy that they should put as little as possible into the knowledge base since it would be easier to maintain. And the company itself put few resources towards it, making everything else more important.

Is this common in the industry, or was this unique to that company?

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Depends on the Company

I think it really depends on the company.  Although I must say that most companies do not fully understand the value or their support portal, both in terms of money saved and revenue generated.  Most are missing huge opportunities to be a leader in the space, and losing money everyday due to increased support calls, and lost sales due to reduced search engine traffic due to less content on their website.

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Bigger Companies, Maybe

I think bigger companies get it, but small companies either don't get it or do not have the resources to do it properly. It takes someone with a vision within the organization to make it work, and most organizations don't have someone who can do it right.

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Make it professional

An extensive knowledge base is a good knowledge base. The error is seeing customer support as purely a cost. A proper knowledge base and attentive support staff makes the customer loyal and happy with your service. It's worth putting in the time to look professional if you want to be known as one.