cPanel/WHM Admin Essentials (cPanel TV)

What Every cPanel Administrator Should Know

This presentation is divided into four (4) topics presented in three (3) videos and covers some of the most common questions to cPanel tech support.

What is WHM & Debugging DNS

In the first segment, Lee Latham, cPanel Technical Trainer, contrasts the WHM interface against the cPanel interface and explains how to debug most DNS issues on cPanel/WHM servers.

How to Set Up a Cron Job (Scheduled Tasks) in cPanel

If you want to execute a command or run a script at a set intervals (such as every hour, or every week) you can set up a cron job to schedule it.  Cron jobs are often used by scripts and web application to automate or update parts of the website automatically.  For example, your website might retrieve information or update statistics every 30 minutes. 

How to Create a Subdomain in cPanel

SubdomainsYou can create subdomains in cPanel, which can be used for creating websites seperate from your main website, or as redirects to any URL (web address).

An example of a subdomain is, where is your main domain, and is your subdomain.

How to Backup Your Website in cPanel

It is recommended that you make backups of your website periodically, especially after changes are made to your website.  The more often things change on your website, the more often it is recommended you back it up.

Through cPanel, it is very easy to make backups of your web hosting account and content.  You can generate a full backup, which backs up the whole cPanel, or you could make partial backups of specific things like your website files, databases, email forwarders and email filters.


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