What ways do you get traffic to a new website?

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When you first launch a website, it can be hard to get an initial set of traffic.  It takes time for search engines to notice you, and even then that is not guaranteed, plus no one knows you exist yet.

So what are some of the ways you build traffic for a new website, both for free and paid methods?

And do you have different methods for different types of sites?  For example, do you market a content website differently than you do an e-commerce website?

Please share your ideas and experience below.

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I would say that promoting

I would say that promoting the site a ton would help. Obviously you want to make sure that you have a strong following before doing that. Or, you could always pay someone to do that for you. That's what I've found that works the best.

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Best Ways?

What's the best way to promote your website?

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You could try and use traffic

You could try and use traffic exchanges, or you could even pay for ads on PTC websites. But the problem is, that all the traffic you get won`t really be the good kind of traffic. It is useful for people starting their first webpage, though.

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What ways do you get traffic to a new website?

There are so many ways and of course that is best way to get traffic to your new website.
I would prescribe you use these guide line....
(1) Adwords (paid campaign from Google ,Social Networking ,Video sites
(2 eMail listing, web blog posting, Forum posting,Newsgroup
(3) Classifieds eg. Biggest Classifieds, Best on-line Classifieds, Largest Classifieds, Free Classifieds Directory, Free Community Classifieds, etc.