Change Log Newsletter #9

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Volume II, Issue 9

Welcome to the ninth edition of the Complete Hosting Guide Change Log Newsletter!

In our 9th edition of the newsletter we focused on content, adding a Drupal 8 Beginner Course, new WordPress content, and updating a variety of articles.

Drupal 8 Beginner Course

This week we added a new video course on Drupal 8 from OSTraining.

This video course contains 62 videos, created by OSTraining, as well as supplemental content from the Complete Hosting Guide staff.

New WordPress Content

We've also added a varity of new WordPress-related content, covering a variety of topics, including WordPress Themes, WordPress plugins, WordPress Caching and more.

Updated Articles

We also updated many of the existing articles, including:

New & Updated Content

To see what else has been added and updated, please visit:

Thank you for visiting, and enjoy!


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