Change Log Newsletters

Change Log NewsletterWeb hosting is constantly changing, which means that we must always be changing as well.

As we update the website, we will create new "Change Log Newsletters" explaining some of the things that have changed on the website.  The New Posts & Recenly Updated Content pages will also automatically be updated.

Current Newsletter

Multiple Ways to See What's New

  1. New Articles & Blog Posts - Most recent content is displayed, with the newest on top.
  2. Recently Updated Content - Shows recently updated content and the date it was modified.
  3. Change Log Verbose - Shows notes about changes made to the website and content.
  4. Change Log Newsletters - Unlike the other lists, includes a brief summary of what was changed.

Why Newsletters

While the automatically generated pages make it easy, they are missing one important element: what and why.  So in the newsletters we try to sumarize what was changed and why, so you can get a better understanding of the change.

These change log newsletters are time consuming to make, but provide a number of benefits.

  1. Provides a record of changes made on the website.
  2. Reassures visitors that the website is constantly being updated.
  3. Alerts visitors of new content.
  4. Alerts visitors of changes to existing content, and whether they need to re-read an article.
  5. Provides editors and technical writers a sense of accomplishment seeing how much work has actually been done.

All of our newsletters document the changes made since the relaunch of the website.

Our newsletters are listed below.

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