How to Use Webmail without Logging into cPanel First

Users can access their email via webmail without logging into cPanel first. This is useful for email users that do have access to the cPanel web hosting control panel.

Where to Access Your Webmail

You and your users can access your email by going to one of the following addresses. Depending on your server setup, it may redirect you to a secure connection with a different URL.

If the webmail shortcut is set up, then you would use:

If the webmail shortcut is not setup, then you can access webmail using port 2096 at this address:

Some web hosts may even setup a subdomain for you.

If your domain has not propagated yet, or is not pointed to your web server yet, you can also access it via the IP address.

And like the domain examples above, you can access webmail via port 2096 using your IP address.

Be sure to replace with your domain name or replace with your website's IP address in all of the examples above.

Webmail Login ScreenLogging In

To log into webmail, you will need your email address and email password.

You must enter the entire email address, and not just the username part for it to work.

Once logged in, you will be able to pick RoundCube, Horde or SquirrelMail as your email client.

You will also be able to change your email password once logged in.

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