How to Use the IP Deny Manager in cPanel

You can block IP addresses and IP address ranges from accessing your website by using the IP Blocker in cPanel. This may be useful if you want to ban a spammer or malicious user.

Video Tutorial

How to Block an IP Address

  1. Log into cPanel.
  2. Click on IP Blocker in the Security section.
    • It is called IP Deny Manager in some themes.
  3. Add an IP address of range that you want to block.
    • You can specify denied IP addresses in the following formats:
      • Single IP Address:
      • Range:
      • Implied Range:
      • CIDR Format:
      • Implied 192.*.*.*: 192.
  4. Click on the Add button.

How to Unblock an IP Address

From the IP Blocker screen:

  1. Find the IP Address or Range on the list of blocked IP addresses.
  2. Click Delete or the Remove Icon (depending on the theme).
  3. Verify you are removing the correct IP address or ranger.
  4. Click on Remove IP to confirm.

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