How to Use the Disk Space Usage Tool in cPanel

The Disk Usage Tool in cPanel allows you to identify which folders and subdirectories are using up the most space. This will help you find files to delete if you need more space, or help you determine whether it is time to upgrade your account so it has a higher disk quote (amount of disk space allowed).

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How to Access the Disk Space Usage Tool

  1. Log into cPanel.
  2. Click on the Disk Usage icon in the Files section.

Navigating the Collapsible List

At the bottom of the Disk Usage page is a collapsible list that allows you to drill down to get more details, and provides easy access to specific directories in the File Manager.

  • Clicking on the > sign or + sign will expand the directory and reveal specific files and folders within.
  • Clicking on the folder name will open the File Manager showing the contents of that folder.
  • You can sort the directories by name or disk usage by selecting the appropriate option.

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