Can people find out where I live based on my domain registration information?

When you register a domain name, you are required to give valid contact information so that you can be contacted in case there is an issue with your domain or website (renewal reminders, policy changes, legal notices, etc.).

This is similar to how a business must provide valid contact information when it registers a corporation or wishes to operate under an assumed name (also known as a DBA).

Unless you request privacy protection for your domain, the provided information is considered public information.

The publicly visible information includes:

  • Full Name
  • Organization's Name (if any)
  • Mailing Address
  • Email Address
  • Phone Number
If the mailing address you provide is the same as your home address, then people will know where you live.

Hiding Your Contact Details with Domain Privacy

You can hide that information from public view by purchasing domain privacy. This allows you to put down valid contact information, such as your address, phone and email, without disclosing it to the public. It also hides who registered the domain name (i.e. your name).

Be aware that if you are a business, enabling domain privacy could reduce people’s trust in your business, since you are not publicly disclosing your name and contact information.

If you would like domain privacy, many domain registrars offer it.

Alternative to Privacy Protection

Instead of purchasing domain privacy, you can be selective in what information you list as contact information. As long as you can be contacted through that information, then it is acceptable.

For example, if you have a business, it is recommended that you put your business address, a post office box, or a private mailbox (PMB) instead of your home address. If the domain is for a personal site, you do not have to put down your home address, but you do have to put down an address where you can be reached by mail, such as a post office box or private mailbox (PMB).

You can also choose which email address and phone number to put down. For example, you can put down a business number or a voicemail number that you check, instead of your home or mobile phone.

This way you do not disclose where you live, while still providing the required valid contact information.

Accurate Information Required

As mentioned earlier, you are required to provide true and accurate information when you register your domain name, including valid contact information.

If you do not provide accurate contact information, your domain name may be suspended or cancelled.

If you do not want your contact information appearing publicly, then you must use domain privacy or use the alternative mentioned above.

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