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Over 33% of AT&T’s Network is Virtualized

More than one-third of the customer-facing network from AT&T is virtualized. This means the company doesn’t have to install hardware appliances for customers to use the network. Instead, it can be used by simply downloading them from the app store. John Donovan, the chief strategy office and group president of AT&T made the announcement recently. The goal for the project is to virtualize about 75% of the network by the end of 2017. Read the full story here.

Boston’s Navisite Data Center Bought by Carter Validus

Carter Validus REIT bought a 135,000-square foot data center facility in Andover, Massachusetts. The data center is currently leased to two tenants, one is Charter Communications and the other is Navisite, the cloud provider. Carter Validus reportedly paid $37 million for the facility. Carter Validus has recently acquired data centers in Los Angeles, New Jersey, and in Franklin, Tennessee. The company currently owns nearly 50 properties. Read more here. Bought Quietly by AWS

Fred Wang, an investor and general partner of, has confirmed that the company has been acquired by Amazon Web Services for a reported sum of $19 million. The deal apparently took place sometime in 2016. Wang, declined to give further details on the deal, but did tell GeekWire that “it was a good win for the investors and for the management team.” had been founded in September of 2014 by two former NSA employees. Read more here.  

Unprotected Database Targets of Hackers Ups MongoDB at Risk

Harak1r1, a known hacker is attacking the non-password protected installations of MongoDB. After attacking the hacker is wiping the contents of the installations and installing a ransom note, according to a report from IT Pro. These attacks have been going on for many weeks and the most likely targets are running on AWS. About 2,000 databases have been attacked so far. Administrators are encouraging users to upgrade to the newest version of MongoDB. Read the full story here.

New California Law Making Deploying Ransomware Illegal Now in Effect

New legislation in the State of California now makes it a criminal act to spread ransomware. The law went into effect on January 1, 2017 and allows law enforcement agencies to convict hackers using ransomware. Senator Bob Hertzberg introduced the law and it was signed in September of 2016. The use of ransomware now comes with a felony charge and up to four years in prison. While this is the same as it was under extortion laws, the scope has been broadened to make charges more applicable. The introduction of ransomware to any computer is a crime in California now, while it may have been insufficient to convict a hacker under the extortion laws. Read the full story here.

Uber Shares Transportation Data in Efforts to Improve Traffic Flow

Finally acquiescing to dozens of city authority requests, app-based ride sharing service Uber will launch a website, called Movement, detailing Uber routes and transportation data to give more insight into the way Uber moves around a city and might effect that city’s traffic and transportation issues. Dozens of cities where Uber is in operation will initially be included on the Movement website, with others slowly being added after that. Uber officials are saying the transparency and sharing of data could help improve the flow of traffic in urban areas. Each Uber car collects and sends high-quality GPS data back and forth, and with so many Uber cars on the street, traffic flow problems can be quickly and easily pointed out. Uber cars will be like millions of individual sets of eyes on the road, collecting and sending relevant data to the website. From Uber’s blog post announcing the lauch of Movement: “Uber trips occur all over cities, so by analysing a lot of trips over time, we can reliably estimate how long it takes to get from one area to another. Since Uber is available 24/7, we can compare travel conditions across different times of day, days of the week, or months of the year – and how travel times are impacted by big events, road closures or other things happening in a city.” Read more here.

Before Briefing Trump on the 2016 Hacks, U.S. Spy Chiefs Dispute Him

Last week, before the U.S. Intelligence Agencies spoke about the hacking case from the 2016 election with Donald Trump, they rebuffed the president-elect publicly. Trump has remained firm in his believe that Russia’s senior officials didn’t authorize the attack. Trump was briefed by CIA Director John Brennan and FBI Director James Comey on Friday about the leaks of emails and hacking during the campaign. The intelligence officials in the United States believe the finding are more resolute than ever that Russia was involved in the hacking. Read the full story here.

$15 Million Lawsuit Filed Against Techdirt by Self-Proclaimed Email Inventor

Mike Masnick, the founder of Techdirt, has been named in a libel lawsuit in Massachusetts. The lawsuit is four $15 million and was filed by a representative of Shiva Ayyadurai. It was filed due to claims that Ayyadurai did not invent email, according to The Hollywood Reporter. Charles Harder, a Hollywood attorney known for representing Hulk Hogan against Gawker, is representing Ayyadurai. The lawsuit happened after The Huffington Post published a series of articles detailing the history of email. They claimed Ayyadurai invented email and the articles have been removed from the site. Masnick responded to the article by running an article entitled, “Why Is Huffington Post Running A Multi-Part Series To Promote The Lies Of A Guy Who Pretended To Invent Email?” the article is still live and credits Ray Tomlinson with a huge role in inventing email. Read the full story here.

BitCasa Shuts Down

Bitcase, the cloud storage firm has announced they are shutting down. The company’s CEO Brian Taptich confirmed the announcement. “Bitcasa is no more, and this is not bad news. Thanks to the very hard work, generosity and persistence of a number of folks – from employees to investors and advisors – Bitcasa and its platform have become a part of something much, much bigger. We have no doubt that Bitcasa has found the right home to fulfill a mission that has driven the company from its 2011 beginnings – to eliminate the storage and computing limitations of your connected devices, however small, in the most secure and efficient way possible. We remain optimistic that, before long (and though you may not realize it), Bitcasa’s technology will yet contribute significantly to fulfilling this mission.” Read more here.

Microsoft Explores Idea of Underwater Data Center Reef

In 2015, Microsoft announced they were working with an idea to have data centers underwater. One of the ideas from this experiment, known as Project Natick, was for the center’s housing enclosure to double as an artificial reef to provide marine life additional habitat. Since the experiment proved successful, Microsoft has filed a patent application for the Artificial Reef Datacenter. As well as providing marine life a home, the underwater data center will utilize the ocean water as it’s cooling system. The center will also be able to detect intruders. Read more here.

Revenues from Cloud Vendors Hit $148 Billion in 2016

While many were ready to move on to 2017, the cloud vendors are hoping for a repeat. With cloud vendor revenues reaching $148 billion, according to the Synergy Research Group Report, the industry has grown by 25%. The report also showed that IaaS and PaaS grew the most with about 53% growth over 2016. Microsoft and AWS led the way in IaaS and Paas with Rackspace and IBM leading the way in hosted private cloud infrastructure. Salesforce and Microsoft topped the list for enterprise SaaS. Read the full story here.

Google, BMW and Gap Moving into Augmented Reality Shopping

A real world application of Google’s ambitious virtual reality effort will allow shoppers to see what they can get without stepping outside their home. Recently, Google announced partnerships with Gap and BMW for the 3D-scanning project named Tango. The technology uses cameras and sensors to create digital images in physical space. It’s similar to the mobile game Pokemon Go. It was announced at the CES show in Las Vegas and Google hinted at even broader ambitions for this mapping technology. Read the full story here.

OVH Stepping into the U.K. Market with Three Data Centers

OVH, a French hosting and cloud provider, recently announced they are stepping into the U.K. market with three data centers. They launched the first of three data centers in the suburbs of London. The company is most-known for the headlines they made back in 2010. They are a Roubaix-based company and in 2010, OVH agreed to host WikiLeaks after Amazon chickened out due to U.S. government pressure. Currently, OVH is in the middle of expanding across the globe after receiving a large funding round, which closed in 2016. Along with the U.K. market, the company has launched data centers in Poland, Singapore and Australia, recently. They also have plans to step into the U.S. market with a data center in Virginia, along with the German market with one in Frankfurt. Read the full story here.

India Receiving Website Building and Google Training for SMBs

Google recently announced the launching of training for 51 million small and medium-sized businesses in India. This is called the Digital Unlocked and it was announced on Wednesday at an event held in New Delhi. The Digital Unlocked website will provide 90 training videos with 23 total digital marketing topics covered. About 5,000 workshops will be held throughout 40 different Indian cities across the next 3 years, as well. Since less than one-third of the small businesses found in India have any type of web presence, Google believes they can make a difference. The training will help teach small and medium-sized businesses how to create, maintain and market a website. Read the full story here.

GoDaddy and Jonas Valanciunas Teaming Up to Reach Small Businesses

Jonas Valanciunas of the Toronto Raptors is teaming up with GoDaddy to create a new campaign aimed at reaching Canadian Small Businesses. The campaign will launch a website called, which will sell 3D figurines and was created by Jonas using the GoDaddy professional development tools. While this is not a real business and the money made from any figurine sales will go to the MLSE Foundation, the goal is to show how easy it is for small businesses to create a website through GoDaddy. There will also be an Itty Bitty Ballers Contest for Small Businesses, which will provide $5,000 in cash for the winner, along with $2,500 in GoDaddy services. Read the full story here.

U.S. False Reports of Russian Hacking are Very Damaging

The recent reports of Russian hacking on the United States elections have gone too far, some say. There is no solid evidence of anything done by the Russians, which has caused these reports to become propaganda. The report created by the Department of Homeland Security and the FBI is called the Russian Malicious Cyber Activity Report. This report sets up the government for multiple false flat operations, which they will likely blame Russia for, as well. While the general public may think this report will provide the evidence necessary to prove Russia was behind election hacking, it will actually provide no such evidence. Read the full story here.

Web Hosting Square Celebrates 20 Year Anniversary with Free Domains

Web hosting company Web Hosting Square is celebrating their second decade in business with a new promotion. The company is offering a free domain with any web hosting package purchase – Starter, Plus, or Business Pro. The savings apply to the first purchase only, so PR Director Brian Lee suggests purchasing at least 2-3 years of hosting in advance to get the most savings. From the press release: “We offer an exclusive discount for There are several web hosting packages available from BlueHost. These plans are accessed through the website. The price will vary on the different plans and their pricing. For the most savings, purchase hosting for a minimum of two to three years. The discount is available for the first-time purchase only, so buying for a longer period allows for the most savings.” “You can upgrade to VPS or a dedicated service at any time, if you require later,” he continues. “One free domain is included in the benefits from the shared hosting package. The details of the packages are for a Starter Package, a Plus Package or a Business Pro Package. The most savings are available on a three year plan using any of the three levels of package. We are available to answer questions and provide solutions to hosting questions and concerns.” Read more here.

Robotics, VR, AI Will Be ‘Bigger Than Internet and Mobile’ According to Gene Munster

Four new technology ‘themes’ are on the rise, and venture capitalist Gene Munster, formerly of Piper Jaffray, says they will be a “bigger deal than the internet and mobile:” Virtual reality, augmented reality, artificial intelligence, and robotics. Munster spoke about the future of these 4 themes to CNBC on Tuesday this week: “We think that those four themes will radically change how humans interact and work. We think that they will build an absolutely fantastic future for all of us.” He noted that he believes around 70% of jobs will eventually be eliminated over time. He’s cofounded Loup Ventures to build a future in each of the 4 themes. He also stated that he believes VR will overtake AR despite opposing views from Tim Cook of Apple. Read more here.

New Office Move from FTE Networks Comes After Growth

FTE Networks, a network infrastructure solutions provider will be relocating the Dallas, Texas office to Irving, Texas. This move is due to the need for a larger space after a large amount of growth and expansion. The past year has seen FTE expand the business in North Texas with tier one carries. The new location will be found in the Dallas Metroplex and will cover about six acres of space. It’s a multi-tenant property and will provide the company with plenty of space to grow. Read the full story here.

Cloud Infrastructure Expected to Top $225 Billion by 2021

A new report that actually came out in April of 2016, but has been updated, shows that the cloud infrastructure market is expected to reach $225 billion by 2021. This report came from global market research from Market Research Engine and shows the trends through 2020 in areas, such as equipment, services and deployment. Market Research Engine is headquartered in Florida and provides researchers and analysts. The company believes the cloud infrastructure market will grow quickly and will be dominated by North America. Read the full story here.


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