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About 200K Servers Remain with Heartbleed Unpatched

An Open-SSL flaw has yet to be patched on about 200,000 servers, according to Shodan, a connected devices search engine. The Heartbleed Report was released this past weekend showing 52,000 Apache HTTPD servers with vulnerability and exposure. About one in five of the vulnerable servers are found in the United States and AWS hosting has the highest number of servers followed by Verizon. Originally, the vulnerability was disclosed about three years ago and a fix was released in April 2014. About half of the vulnerable servers, at the time, were secured by June 2014. Read the full story here.

IT Outage at United Resolved, but Flights Cancelled on Monday

A major system outage happened on Sunday with United Airlines. They expected the impact to be minimum and it grounded some domestic flights on Monday for a few hours. The IT issue causing flights to be cancelled wouldn’t allow pilots to get the weight and balance information they needed pre-takeoff. This led to a request that the Federal Aviation Administration would issue a ground stop for the flights. Over 200 flights were affected due to this IT outage. Read the full story here.

HostingCon Global 2017 to Feature Keynote Hacker

Kevin Mitnick has been named as the keynote for HostingCon Global 2017 in April. Mitnick is a known white hat hacker and a security consultant. HostingCon Global joins many professionals across the data center, cloud and hosting industries. It will run from April 3rd to 6th in Los Angeles, California. Mitnick is the CEO of Mitnick Security and a chief white hat hacker. He has spoken many times on social engineering and cybersecurity. Mitnick has even spoken publically about some of the things from his days as a black hat hacker. Read the full story here.

More than 1,000 Data Breaches Happened in 2016 Across the United States

A record high for data breaches marks 2016 as 1,093 total breaches happened. This represents a 40% increase from 2015, according to the Identity Theft Resource Center. Victims of these attacks range all the way from Wendy’s Co. to the Democratic National Committee. Even with more aggressive cyber-security spending, these attacks still happened. Many even believe the number of breaches is even higher as many go unreported or even undiscovered. Everything from login names and passwords to social security numbers were exposed during data breaches in 2016. Phishing was one of the leading types of attacks representing 56%, which is up from 38% in 2015. Read the full story here.

eNom Acquired By Tucows for $83.5 Million

Wholesale Domain Registrar eNom has been acquired by the ISP known as Tucows. The deal is worth $83.5 million and will add another 14.5 million domains and 28,000 resellers to the Tucows family. Tucows now has a network of more than 40,000 resellers across the glove and they are closing in on 30 million domains under management. Tucows is headquartered in Toronto and employs more than 400 people. They also run Open SRS, a wholesale domain registrar. The deal will add to Tucows earnings immediately and eNom generated over $116.5 million in revenue just in the first three quarters last year. Read the full story here.

Creator of Mirai Botnet Extorting Web Hosting Companies

Brian Krebs, a security journalist, has put in hundreds of hours trying to figure out the person behind the Mirai botnet. This specific malware was used to take down Kreb’s website in September and also to take down Dyn in October. Krebs believes the author of this malware is Anna-Senpai and posted a long article about his reasoning on the website, recently. While Anna-Senpai isn’t the author’s real identity, Kreb believes he has the real identity nailed. He believes it may be Jha, due to a nearly exact skill-set for programming and coding listed on Jha’s LinkedIn profile compared to that of Anna-Senpai’s skill-set found in Hackforums. However, Jha has denied the allegations and has denied being involved in the DDoS attacks on Rutgers last year, too. Anna-Senpai has gone as far as to email many web hosts and ISPs threatening a DDoS attack if they don’t pay a reason. This person has also used the name OG_Richard_Stallman. Read the full story here.

How to Start a Home-Based Business Fast

Working from home could be your reality this year if you have plans to make a home-based business happen. For some people, the idea of working from home in their pajamas sounds like a dream while others may find it to be a challenge, trying to find the balance between work and family life. If you think you are up for the challenge or simply want to earn extra money working from home, you’ll find that your home-based business dream can be realized with the right strategy. Once you’ve learned more about self-employment, worked on a business plan, and set up your business online, you’ll be able to make this a part of your regular work week. Take a look at the keys to starting your home-based business fast. Decide if it’s possible for you While you may love the idea of making money from your living room, getting to spend more time with your children, and having control over your employment, working from home isn’t as easy as it sounds. You’ll have to be disciplined enough to get your work done despite the distractions of home life, your wish to sleep in, and your desire to spend the day hanging with the family rather than doing the work. Some people choose to make home-based work a thing for the evenings or weekends after their day job in order to make some extra cash. Think about what you have the time and discipline for, and determine if you are likely to be a good candidate for self-employment by asking yourself if you are a good planner, someone that follows through, and someone that loves to learn and connect with others. You’ll need to learn about the world of self-employment after you’ve decided if you have the discipline to handle it. The logistics of working from home could make or break the decision. Do you have the financial backing to start a business? Do you have a workspace with equipment and the ability to meet with clients? If you have children at home, do you have a place where the children can be cared for away from your work? If you are going to need money for inventory, marketing, or a workspace, all of these expenses and logistical concerns are something to consider before deciding this is the route for you. Make your business plan If you are ready to take on the challenge, then it is time to make your business plan and look at your finances and legal requirements. Make it clear and simple including what your goal is, what you are going to sell, who is likely to buy it, and how you will reach your target audience. Look at what people will spend to determine what your estimated profit will be. You can find business plans online to get you started. Now look at your finances and what legal requirements you need to meet. This all depends on your business type, such as a sole proprietorship where you’ll need to get an Employer Identification Number from the IRS. You’ll likely want to open a business checking account to help separate your personal and professional spending for tax purposes. Look into professional liability insurance and client contracts commonly used in your industry. Setup the business Now it’s time to get the business setup and ready to function. Set up a website, email address, social media accounts, and start developing your products or services. Design a professional email address with your web host and then setup your website where visitors can find you and join your mailing list. You may want to create an e-commerce site to sell your products but offer a landing page with updated content that will help people find you. Use your blog to stay relevant to your audience and have things to share on social media. Moving forward Once you’ve got the ball rolling, it’s time to interact with your audience, increase marketing, create new products, and review your business. Find out what your customers are saying about your industry so that you can be someone that solves the problem with what your brand is offering. Come up with a marketing strategy to get your brand known in the world and keep developing new product or services that will show you are constantly growing. Be sure to continually review what seems to be working or not, whether your workload is manageable or not, and if you are making the profit you should be making. Sometimes a simply upgrade to your web hosting, a website redesign, or attending networking events will help you to get your business improving at the speed you desire. Use these tips to start your home-based business fast this year and enjoying the exciting new challenge!

Job Market for Cybersecurity Strong in Israel and Ireland

According to a recently report on The Global Cybersecurity Skills Gap, the top countries for demand are Israel and Ireland. The report was released earlier this year and looked at the amount of clicks received on job postings as a key indication of interest. A survey done by Indeed showed Israel in the lead when it comes for demand for cybersecurity skills, with more than twice as many job postings. Ireland was found in second place with the UK, US, Germany and Australia following. Brazil and Italy had the lowest demand for major markets. Read the full story here.

Which Company Leased the Most Data Center Space Last Year?

Microsoft was the company at the top of the list when it comes to leasing the most data center space in 2016.They are the second largest cloud service provides and they signed six large data center leases with five different landlords, across five different markets, according to a report from North American Data Centers. Between Microsoft and Oracle a 25% increase in leased space was achieved from 2015 to 2016. This represents a historic high for growth. Out of the top 10 biggest data center leases for 2016, Microsoft owns the top six, while Oracle owns three of the other top ten. The only other company making into the top 10 was Salesforce. Read the full story here.

Next 6 Months Will See Oracle With 3 New Cloud Regions

Oracle has plans to bring three new cloud regions to their company, which include Turkey, Reston, Virginia and London, UK. All three are expected to be up and running by mid-2017, which will double the reach of Oracle’s cloud platform over the past 24 months. Currently, the Oracle Cloud Platform has customers in 195 countries and 29 global regions. The company has also stated that customers are joining their cloud platform at record rates due to the high availability, security, low-latency and reliability. Read the full story here.

FCC Chair Says “Nobody Safe” If Net Neutrality Undone by Republicans

If the Federal Communications Commission’s open-internet rule is undone, it could open up companies, such as to unfair competition from ISPs, according to Tom Wheeler, the agency’s chairman. Wheeler stated, “Nobody is safe,” in an interview a few days ago before he left office. With a new administration coming in, one of the fears of Democrats is the reversing of net neutrality by the Republicans. Wheeler does believe it will be difficult to reverse the net neutrality policy adopted in 2015 by the FCC. The current policy keeps companies, such as AT&T and Comcast from slowing down or blocking web traffic of competitors. It would take a very good reason to get the Courts already upholding the ruling to reverse it. However, back in 2014, Trump tweeted that the decision was an “attack on the internet” and would “target conservative media.” Read the full story here.

Dell Technologies Laying Off Workers

Layoffs are currently happening at Dell technologies. These mainly involve cuts of administrative positions and redundant supply chain positions. The layoffs were expected since the merger between EMC and Dell last year. The deal was worth more than $60 billion and was the largest tech acquisition in history. Michael Dell admitted shortly after the merger that about 140,000 workers would be trimmed. Those trimmings have begun with about 80 workers losing their jobs in Hopkinton, Mass. Other facilities are expected to close soon, as well. Read the full story here. Planning to Target Healthcare with HIPAA Compliance Package recently launched an IT service package aimed at healthcare companies. They are now HIPAA-compliance and will be offering services to hospitals, doctors and others in the healthcare industry. The company’s HIPAA Compliance Package will provide many colocation options and hybrid cloud options. It will allow for the use of electronic medical records with quick transfer and the security of data. Read the full story here.

Amazon Scheduled to Create 100,000 New Jobs in the Next 18 Months Inc. has introduced plans to create more than 100,000 new jobs for those in the United States over the next 18 months. President-elect Donald Trump has pushed the company to employ more Americans, which has helped to lead to this plan. More jobs from Amazon isn’t a huge surprise considering the growth into many categories, including groceries, video, fashion and hardware. However, this move could help to appease Trump since he has tangled with Jeff Bezos, the CEO of Amazon during his campaign. Read the full story here.

Full Report of Hacking Promised by Trump During His First 90 Days

President-elect Donald Trump has made a promise to produce a full report on the hacking within the first 90 days of his presidency. Trump has suggested messages were leaked by the intelligence community with damaging information about his ties to Russia. Trump took to social media and shared many thoughts Friday on a number of issues including Obamacare and the hacking. He also commented on the probing into Clinton’s use of the e-mail. Read the full story here.

Thousands of SSL Certificates Revoked by GoDaddy

A bug was discovered by GoDaddy, which led to around 9,000 SSL certificates being revoked. This was a precautionary measure taken to protect customers. The bug was allowing the certificates to be validated without a validation code. The bug was actually introduced back in July of 2016 during a routine code update. It wasn’t discovered until January 6, 2017. More than 6,000 customers have had new certificate requests submitted on their behalf. Read the full story here.

Nixplay has Integrated Verizon Mobile Application with Cloud-connected Frame Services

Nixplay, a WiFi cloud photo frames provider, recently announced they have integrated the Verizon Cloud Consumer Mobile Application. This has been integrated into the cloud-connected frame services and will allow consumers to access files and photos stored on the Verizon Cloud. Nixplay is a part of Creedon Technologies and it’s headquartered in Sheung Wan, Hong Kong. The company was created in 2007 in a bedroom in the UK. Now, the company has a presence across the globe in the United States, United Kingdom, China, the Philippines and Canada. Read the full story here.

Techwave Consulting Has Acquired iMicron

Techwave Consulting, an IT services company, has recently acquired iMicron, a cloud storage and services provider. Techwave believes this acquisition will allow for more revenue as they are now able to provide better cloud services across the globe. Techwave Consulting is headquartered in Exton, Pennsylvania and was established in 2004. iMicron is headquartered in Los Angeles, California and offers services including public, private and hybrid cloud with IaaS and SaaS options. Read the full story here.

What Will Change in 2017 With the Internet?

Now that we’ve reached the exciting new year of 2017, you may be thinking that some changes are bound to take place with the internet. You would not be wrong because each year brings new developments and sometimes new challenges. Typically these new challenges are great ways for your brand to grow and evolve though. Now that we’ve reached January, looking at the year ahead is likely on your mind and it’s a good time to ask about your online security may change, how virtual reality may play more of a role, and if you’re more likely to see a broader range of Wi-Fi. Take a look at some of the positive changes to take place in 2017 and what challenges could come your way so that you can prepare for them now. Things will grow on a global level The internet has already been an exciting way to reach those around the world. This year, expect the internet to reach even farther to areas it may not have reached before. You’ll have an easier time reaching even more people in even more locations as the internet spreads to even more public access. For example, countries like Guyana and Iran are working on increased hotspots, more service, and domestic video options. Keep your eye out on the countries of China, Nigeria, Indonesia, Brazil, and Mexico this year when it comes to internet expansions. New security enhancements You may breathe a sigh of relief this year as the internet works hard to fend off hackers that are trying to steal your personal information. You’ll notice more updates taking place with the Internet of Things like automated crash reporting and performance monitoring with their new analytic tools. You’ll also find that you’ll want to include IoT security advancements in your budget this year if you rely on your marketing, because in just a few years, we are expected to have it associated with every part of marketing thanks to improvements being made for the user experience on wearable technology. Virtual reality will be everywhere You may notice that virtual reality has a very futuristic appeal to it, especially when everyone was playing Pokemon GO last year. You’ll probably want to follow the lead of other brands by incorporating virtual reality and augmented reality elements to your website giving your website some gaming features. It’s going to be a challenge to make it feel real to the user but it will help if you incorporate personalization in your message and work on long-term engagement strategies. Find ways to incorporate your user’s personal preferences in the interactive experience, such as their music tastes or health stats. Video will be important Speaking of virtual reality, you may be thinking about video on your website and this year it’s going to be really important that you include it. Web content with video was already important in 2016, but it’s going to be essential in 2017. You’re probably already used to photos being a must-have, but this year you’ll need to step up your game with video to engage your viewers that don’t want to read content. Use it for product demos and advertisements and don’t be afraid to get on YouTube since video watching on there is at an all-time high. Companies are already finding higher engagement through the use of video, such as vehicle sales and real estate listings. WordPress is evolving If you use WordPress for your website, you’ll notice some exciting changes this year. While you already love this popular website platform, WordPress is going to make content management easier, improve the user experience, and incorporate more features to help your site administrators. If you’re new to e-commerce, you’ll see options to help you get this started more easily. Plus, you’ll find it easier to set up a subscription option for your site visitors too. Unlimited internet will take a hit Unfortunately, this year some companies are going to be cut down on data, making it bad news for those that like stream often. Since most users don’t come close to using the data allotment from companies like Comcast who normally offer unlimited data, they are decreasing internet access to 1 terabyte of data per month. SSL Changes In 2017, you’ll start to see some major changes from HTTPS to SSL, which encrypts the link between your browser and server. It’s a smart move to add SSL to your business website and it really won’t affect your budget or time. Unless you get a dedicated IP and SSL Certificate this year, Google is going to mark your website as “non-secure” if you’re collecting confidential information. Make sure your website is legitimate and ensuring customer confidentiality by following this new protocol. Study up on the labeling system of “secure,” “neutral,” and “non-secure” so that you understand what the new signals mean when listed next to your website. Design Changes This year seems to be all about optimizing the user experience, especially on mobile devices. You’ll start to see design changes to help with mobile users’ experience, as well as more flat design features that are easier to use on these smaller screens. You’ll likely want to incorporate more custom images and start nixing the stock photos because brands are doing their best to make their website as unique and relevant to the brand as possible now through authentic photos, unique fonts, and bold colors. This year there will be a great deal of exciting changes to take over the internet. Look out for these developments and make sure your brand’s website is doing its best to stay relevant and a leader in your industry.

Big Three Cloud Vendors Fight For Customers in Tight Race

The big three hyperscale cloud platforms are hard to differentiate between for customers. Most say the quality of the features and tools make the difference, according to research done by Clutch. AWS, GCP and Azure were all compared and it was reported the strong security, brand familiarity and fit for the customer were most important. Reviews were also listed in the report. After interviewing 247 IT decision makers, Clutch reported that the response was nearly equally split between Google Cloud Platform, Microsoft Azure and Amazon Web Services. Read the full story here.


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