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Top Customer Care of The Month: January

This year we’re starting a new series featuring our Top Customer Care reps every month! So far we’ve been sharing those on our social media accounts only, but we decided to turn it into an official new category on the blog and even expand it with some insights on the people themselves to reveal a bit about who they are not just in the office. SiteGround has always been about our people, so we hope you like it!

Let’s Encrypt is Here – Open Source Security Certificates Available at SiteGround

In December 2015 the new certificate authority Let’s Encrypt entered Public Beta and caused a wave of excitement. The groundbreaking news meant that website owners can obtain security certificates for their websites for free instead of paying for traditional SSL certificates and install them much easier. Naturally since then many of you have asked us when we would introduce the certificates on our hosting platform. For all of you who have been eagerly awaiting this moment, we are happy to say that Let’s Encrypt certificates are now available at SiteGround!

The Faces Behind the Pixels

I’ve been at SiteGround ever since I can remember - more than 11 years now. I have seen it grow from a couple to almost 300 employees. I have collaborated closely with all of our departments on all kinds of projects. However, this latest one was hands-down one of the most fun and gratifying I’ve ever worked on - that’s why I wanted to tell you about it.

Looking Back at 2015: Here’s Our Year in Review!

2015 was a wild year for us, but we loved it. We almost doubled the number of new clients, went local in Spain, upgraded our platform, sponsored 100+ events, and a lot more. We have so many things to share, that we created a visual recap to tell you all about it. Check it out and if you like it, share it in social media:

2015: The Clients’ Assessment

The past year 2015 has been a roller-coaster ride for our team. New clients doubled joining faster than we could plan on how to accommodate them. New business opportunities had to be seized and operations set in motion to make them happen. That fast-growth pace has been a source of anxiety whether we would manage to stay focused on the one thing that really matters - the quality of our service and how our clients’ experience would be affected.

WordPress 4.4.1 Security & Maintenance Release

A new WordPress security update 4.4.1 was announced yesterday. The latest version fixes a cross-site scripting vulnerability that allows a site to be compromised as well as some minor issues. All WordPress sites at SiteGround with enabled autoupdate service have been updated to the new version 4.4.1 last night and are safe and sound. For all WordPress sites that do not have the autoupdate option on, we have applied a rule in our WAF (web application firewall) that will block possible hacking attempts. As our firewall rule is not covering all possible hack scenarios, we are additionally patching WordPress sites on versions 3.7 to 4.4 at a website level. Regardless of the security shields we have placed, we still recommend all websites that have not been autoupdated to upgrade to the newest version 4.4.1 or to the latest version within their current branch as soon as possible.  

SiteGround Adds a Free Website Builder

As many of you know, we work with various CMS’s - WordPress, Joomla, Magento being some of the top favorites of our customers. No matter how straightforward we think these CMS’s are though, many customers have difficulties working with them. This is why we spent some time looking for the easiest website builder that we could integrate into our platform and offer to our customers as a solution to their hassles. We are happy to say that we found it in Weebly - a powerful yet simple drag & drop website building tool.

Critical Vulnerability in Joomla Fixed on Zero-day

Yesterday, a serious vulnerability that affects all major Joomla versions was disclosed. Using this security breach a hacker could do a full remote command execution on the targeted site. We have worked together with the Joomla Security teams and came up with a rule in our WAF (web application firewall) that would block hacking attempts using this vulnerability and we don't have reports for hacked accounts through this exploit.

Day Zero of PHP 7 – Give it a try!

Today PHP 7 has reached its General Availability status. As you probably know it has been available on SiteGround servers for quite a while and you can refer to an earlier post of ours about its features. Now it has reached GA status which means PHP7 can be used on production sites.

Our Second European Datacenter is Now Live in London

Our first data center location in Amsterdam has been serving our European clients quite well over the last few years. However, our strategy to constantly enhance our service urged us to look for more datacenter locations throughout the continent. Each new location we add allows us to deliver better performance and localized service to a certain group of our clients.

HTTP/2 Now Available on all shared/cloud servers at SiteGround

The Internet as we all know it today wouldn’t have existed without the HTTP protocol. It is the heart and soul that pumps content to all of us. It makes it possible for us to read the latest news, order stuff online, watch videos on YouTube and get to our favourite websites on all types of devices - workstations with 27-inch displays, laptops, mobile phones, tablets and even e-readers that offer browsing capabilities. Sadly, that protocol has not been changed since 1999 when version 1.1 was released so, when HTTP/2 was released earlier this year, it was a source of major excitement. Of course, the SiteGround team has immediately started working on it and we are now happy to announce that all our shared and cloud servers support HTTP/2.

Core Joomla! Vulnerability Patched in Version 3.4.5 Security Release

A few days ago a critical vulnerability in the Joomla core was found. It comes from an unsanitized input in the Joomla! core, which makes an SQL injection possible. The result of such an attack can lead to totally compromised websites - stolen login details, hijacking website access, malicious file uploads, etc. It’s a serious threat, without a doubt, and one that applies to all Joomla! 3.2 versions and above.

Widespread Connectivity Issue Across Europe May Be Affecting SiteGround Customers

Since approximately 2:00AM CET we started receiving multiple complaints from our European customers and site down reports. On some occasions clients were (and still are) unable to load, but can access their own website or vice versa, or lose connection with any of our services. SiteGround Servers and Network are UP We initiated a network test for all our services to see if there were any problems with our own network or servers, but none were found. All SiteGround servers were and are up and running and there are no known issues with any type of hosting we provide. Problem of Multiple ISPs Across Europe However, the analysis of the situation showed that this was the start of a connectivity issue spread across Europe among multiple Internet Service Providers. So far we've noticed people using XS4ALL,,, and others ISPs. The problem is rather major and multiple countries are affected as well - Ireland, Greece, Belgium, France, Sweden, Poland and more. The ETA Unknown Due to the nature of the problem, and the fact that it's completely outside our direct reach, we can't provide you with exact ETA when it will be over. Our admins are in constant contact with our datacenter and they are cooperating with different major ISPs to help them solve this as early as possible.

Affiliate Success Tips Part #4: An interview with Malte Helmhold

We’ve come to the end of yet another interesting and empowering project that we have undertaken for our affiliates. Today we feature the fourth and final interview from the Affiliate Success Tips series. One of our aims was to introduce affiliates with different profiles in order to show the variety of ways to promote and/or integrate hosting to a service. We chose Malte Helmhold because he has successfully mastered the video tutorials niche and we wanted him to share the benefits and opportunity he saw in it.

JetPack XSS Security Issue – What We Did to Protect You

On October 1st, a security issue in JetPack, one of the most commonly used WordPress plugins, was disclosed by our partners from Sucuri. The vulnerability was severe because an attacker could exploit the contact form feature of the plugin to insert and execute JavaScript code as an admin of your site. Needless to say, that could lead to all sort of problems - injecting black SEO links, adding backdoors for full access to your account, accessing private information, etc. In this recap post, we would like to summarise what we did to protect SiteGround users with this plugin installed.

Bulgaria PHP Conference Organized by SiteGrounders Was Dope!

The SiteGround team goes to many events, but the biggest and most important one for us this year was Bulgaria PHP Conference. Why? Well, it’s an event entirely organized by SiteGrounders and we invested all our passion, love, enthusiasm and tons of hard work into it in the last 8 months. Now that it’s over, we can relax and proudly say it turned out to be a huge success.

Major Change of Our Shared Hosting Infrastructure Starts This Month

Most of our clients know that here at SiteGround we tend to upgrade our hardware quite often. We aim to ensure that all our clients’ sites run on the latest and fastest hardware on the market and when we spot a valuable new piece of hardware, we immediately start testing. This year again, we are getting ready to migrate all of our shared hosting servers to new supercharged monster servers. Unlike other times though, this time we’ll not only upgrade the hardware, but also the whole infrastructure of our shared hosting platform.

One Step to a Superior WooCommerce Store

Starting a proper online shop with WooCommerce has so far meant: buying hosting, installing WordPress and then configuring several plugins. Given the popularity of the platform, it obviously is not a terribly complicated process, but it does assume some essential knowledge. In collaboration with Automattic, the people behind WordPress and WooCommerce, we recently started working on removing that barrier, creating a one-step solution to get online and start selling. To make it right, we had to package plenty of features and ensure absolutely no setup time on the user’s end. Today, the WooCommerce Bundle is live. It’s everything you need to start a rockstar ecommerce website, and it’s up and running, hooked up and connected, right after sign-up.


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