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Top 10 Benefits of a Facebook Business Page

Updated: February 11, 2020 I'm seeing a lot of gripes about Facebook lately. People are saying Facebook is dying because of the news feed algorithm. They're saying it's becoming harder and harder to get more Likes on Facebook. Some "experts" are saying it's not necessary to even have a Facebook business page. I completely disagree!

Marketing with Linkedin: 17 Easy Steps to Promote Your Content

Want to take your marketing with Linkedin to the next level? Want to reach Linkedin's 650 million users worldwide? If the answer is yes, then you need to do more than just share a status with the link to your latest blog post. In this post, I'll show you 17 easy steps to promote your latest blog post, video, podcast, and other content on LinkedIn. Once you learn these steps, make sure to leverage the best social media tools for Linkedin marketing to put them into practice!


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