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Is the WordPress XML-RPC file safe, or should I block it?

Many WordPress security experts insist upon disabling the WordPress XML-RPC file. Why? Safety Concerns The WordPress XML-RPC facilitates use of your website from outside of the WordPress Dashboard (or, the admin area). For one reason or another, you may want to intereact with your site from other locations. For example, submitting a post from email or from a third-party application, would have required hooking to the XML-RPC file. Given its direct access to the back end of your site, the XML-RPC file can introduce security risks. Continue reading Is the WordPress XML-RPC file safe, or should I block it? at InMotion Hosting Blog.

Let WordPress Redirect Your 404 Pages Automatically

404 pages are part and parcel of a fully functional website. It’s not entirely bad if your website has 404 pages, especially if it contains tons of pages or posts. This may be comforting to an extent but doesn’t warrant total negligence, especially when WordPress can redirect your 404 pages automatically.  The way you handle 404 errors determines how much impact it could have on your SEO and conversion rate in general. Continue reading Let WordPress Redirect Your 404 Pages Automatically at InMotion Hosting Blog.

Why Open Source Software Needs Non-Technical Roles

Marketers, designers, writers, and other non-developer skill sets make open source projects grow, thrive, and stay competitive. Think programming is the only skill that matters in the information technology sphere? Think again. InMotion Hosting has a long history of using and supporting open source software. From our extensive and lasting participation in the WordPress community, to our new involvement with OpenStack and the OpenStack Foundation, reflected in our new flex metal cloud product, open source has always been a critical part of our mission as a technology company. Continue reading Why Open Source Software Needs Non-Technical Roles at InMotion Hosting Blog.

Rolling Out Moodle For Remote Education

Moodle is a popular, open source learning management system (LMS). The goal of the Moodle project is to provide a tool for educators and businesses to create online courses. As the COVID-19 pandemic resulted in massive closures of public and private educational institutions, educational materials have swiftly moved online. Moodle is one of many popular LMSs available to help educators keep learning going in the interim. How does Moodle work? Continue reading Rolling Out Moodle For Remote Education at InMotion Hosting Blog.

Why InMotion Hosting Chose a Privacy First Architecture

Protecting User Data in the Era of Public Clouds Personal information is more valuable and more under siege than ever before.  Public clouds, governments, private companies, and organizations of all sizes possess and lose more personal data than at any time in history.  Unfortunately, turning over some degree of personal information is unavoidable in the modern digital economy.  Some governments have attempted to legislate privacy, but it may take years before legacy public cloud and technology providers can update their infrastructure and their software to accommodate better privacy. Continue reading Why InMotion Hosting Chose a Privacy First Architecture at InMotion Hosting Blog.

How to Choose The Best Web Hosting Package

So you have determined you need web hosting and you may have even picked out who you want your provider to be, but now you have to pick a hosting package and you don’t know where to start.  When it comes to web hosting, choosing a provider is one of the most important decisions you can make, but once you’ve decided on a provider, figuring out which web hosting package is best for you can be quite the challenge.  Continue reading How to Choose The Best Web Hosting Package at InMotion Hosting Blog.

Free Alternatives to FTP

At some point or another, it will be necessary to upload (or download) files from your server. Even if you use WordPress, there are occasions on which you will need to have direct access to the content of your server. For years, the most popular file transfer method was the File Transfer Protocol (FTP), which comes pre-installed in every InMotion Hosting account (and virtually any hosting account you may find). If you don’t have FTP, it’s easy to install, setup, and use. Continue reading Free Alternatives to FTP at InMotion Hosting Blog.

Understanding The Process Behind Email Delivery

When troubleshooting email issues, it’s a good idea to re-familiarize yourself with the process behind email delivery and how your host processes email. Becoming better acquainted with how email works will help you troubleshoot issues you may have in the future. While it may seem anachronistic, email is still an important part of the Information Technology landscape. Password Issues One of the first issues that some users trip on is password authentication. Continue reading Understanding The Process Behind Email Delivery at InMotion Hosting Blog.

Google Drive vs. Evernote

You know you wrote it down somewhere, but you’re not sure where, and now you need it but don’t have it. Whether keeping track of assignments and tasks at work, listening to a presentation for a class, a training course or simply managing your daily to-dos, you’re probably someone who takes notes. And if you’re someone who’s ever misplaced or downright lost one (or several) of those notes, you’re not alone. Continue reading Google Drive vs. Evernote at InMotion Hosting Blog.

Trello Vs. Asana: Two Project Management Systems Compared

Creating, managing, and overseeing projects can be a daunting task. And whether you’re a team leader, a content producer, or just someone looking to get organized with a gameplan, you can probably benefit from a project management tool. Loaded with features designed to help you get organized with custom workflows, a project management tool is a great way to take an idea from conception to completion.  One of the huge advantages of many project management tools is that they are completely free to get started. Continue reading Trello Vs. Asana: Two Project Management Systems Compared at InMotion Hosting Blog.

Make Your Own WordPress CRM System

Business relationships need to be cultivated. You wouldn’t leave a friend stranded without any contact. Why treat your business contacts with any less respect? There’s a plethora of tools designed specifically for customer relationship management (CRM). This is how important contacts are for businesses. A monomaniacal interest in crafting perfect customer communications is not a bad habit to develop, and the antecedent is good contacts. A good CRM system gives you a single source of truth for all of your contacts and their unique information. Continue reading Make Your Own WordPress CRM System at InMotion Hosting Blog.

Exciting Upgrades to the Dedicated Hosting Platform

Our dedicated hosting products are going through…some changes. Continuing to serve the needs of the advanced enterprise operation, the dedicated hosting platform brings you the ultimate in speed and security—now with impressive upgrades. Check out the new Dedicated line. Upgrade Rundown We’ve gone through all of our dedicated hosting packages and upgraded hardware across the board. Some of our competitors might think we’ve gone too far with the combination of features and price, but we think it’s just right. Continue reading Exciting Upgrades to the Dedicated Hosting Platform at InMotion Hosting Blog.

Improving Conversion Rates Starts With a Great Call To Action

It’s pointless to have a website where you sell products or services, but don’t have a call to action (CTA).  In many ways, the success of any marketing campaign you put together depends on the quality of the CTA and how easy it is for customers to make a transaction.  A call to action is defined as a prompt located on a website urging visitors to take a certain action.  This could be anything like “Buy Now,” “Sign Up Today” or “Contact Us” and could be in the form of a simple hyperlink, an icon, button or many more options.  The best call to actions entice and compel the visitor to take immediate action, whether it’s purchasing something, reading more, signing up or anything else your marketing campaign is promoting.  Without a clear call to action in multiple places on your website, your visitors may move on to other websites after looking for a couple of seconds.  In other words, customers need guidance when they visit your website and a call to action is the way to give it to them. Continue reading Improving Conversion Rates Starts With a Great Call To Action at InMotion Hosting Blog.

Boost Your Domain Authority Score For Higher Website Visibility

It doesn’t do any good to build a website if no one comes to see it.  Search Engine Optimization (SEO) is important for ensuring your website shows up high in search engine rankings.  The better the SEO of your website is, the higher up it will appear in the listing when people do a search relevant to your industry. But how do you know if your SEO is up to par to have a high ranking? Continue reading Boost Your Domain Authority Score For Higher Website Visibility at InMotion Hosting Blog.

What is Platform as a Service (PaaS)?

Platform as a service, also known as PaaS, provides its users with a “pay-as-you-go” software interface for developing and deploying applications.  PaaS is most useful in automating repetitive or extraneous setup tasks (like installing and configuring software libraries) so developers can save time and resources. Distributing your development tools in this fashion can have a significant effect on your whole development team workflow. What Is The Difference Between PaaS and IaaS? The difference between PaaS and Infrastructure as a Service (or IaaS) comes down to two letters: P for platform, and I for infrastructure.  Platform, in this sense, is a software platform. Continue reading What is Platform as a Service (PaaS)? at InMotion Hosting Blog.

Attacks on Elementor Pro and Ultimate Addons Place WordPress Sites at Risk

Update: Elementor Pro has released version 2.9.4 to patch the vulnerability as of May 7, 2020. The maker of the Ultimate Addons -Brainstorm Force- has also released the patched version, version 1.24.2. If you are using Elementor Pro or the Ultimate Addons plugin please update to this version immediately. Attacks on WordPress sites using Elementor Pro and the Ultimate Addons for Elementor are the result of vulnerabilities in both of these plugins. Continue reading Attacks on Elementor Pro and Ultimate Addons Place WordPress Sites at Risk at InMotion Hosting Blog.

What is CRM?

Customer relations management (CRM) gives you an interface for connecting with customers (old and new) to properly nurture a mutually beneficial relationship. What Does a CRM System Do? First and foremost, contacts. CRM is all about managing a list of customer contacts. These contacts may be names, email addresses, phone numbers, and more. The more information you have about your customers the better. Would you like to reach out to a customer on their birthday and send a nice message? Continue reading What is CRM? at InMotion Hosting Blog.

Using Evernote as a File System for Business and Productivity

The power of a reference file system often goes unappreciated. As any knowledge worker worth his salt will tell you, you can’t hold every bit of information you receive in your head. No matter how spacious your mind is, you will eventually forget something important or let a good idea slip away. This is where having a more rigorous file program can ease the load. Evernote is a general reference filing system app. Continue reading Using Evernote as a File System for Business and Productivity at InMotion Hosting Blog.

InMotion Hosting Pet Project: Grooming the Purrrfect Employee for Remote Work

For a lot of us, work looks a bit different these days. While several of us are doing the same jobs we’ve been doing, our new “offices” and working conditions can take some getting used to.  Working remote comes with its own set of challenges, but the biggest adjustment to remote life? The influx of new “coworkers.” Don’t get me wrong, it’s always great to see an eager look in the eyes of our newest recruits, but we also know they’ll take some training to make them obedient coworkers. Continue reading InMotion Hosting Pet Project: Grooming the Purrrfect Employee for Remote Work at InMotion Hosting Blog.

What Is a Blog?

A blog is technically an index of web pages (usually referred as “posts”) typically displayed in reverse chronological order (newest first). Originally, blogs were a way for people around the world to share a digital log of activities, interests, and various media (like image galleries). In many ways, smaller blogs have remained a form of digital diary. However, most high-profile blogs in recent years have been incorporated into larger marketing strategies. Blogs are not a form of social media, though popular social media sites integrate blog-like features, and blogs can be social in nature. Continue reading What Is a Blog? at InMotion Hosting Blog.


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