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Resource Guide — How to Build a Professional WordPress Website Fast

You need to get online quickly.  You’ve already purchased your hosting and set up your email, but now you need to create your website. The great news is that you can easily create a beautiful website with WordPress.  The open-source platform supports many modern, mobile-responsive themes and with its intuitive dashboard, customizing your website is a breeze. This guide will help you build your professional WordPress website fast.  Plan Your Website Choose a Theme Customize Your Website Launch Your Website Enjoy secure, fast hosting for your WordPress website with optimized WordPress Hosting.  Plan Your Website To make the best use of your time, the first thing you should do before jumping into the build of your website is planning it out. Continue reading Resource Guide — How to Build a Professional WordPress Website Fast at InMotion Hosting Blog.

Tips for Virtual Interviewing

We all know the usual interview process, maybe a round of phone interviews, an aptitude test or technical assessment, then the onsite invitation. You get dressed up in your “power outfit”, you know, the one that makes you feel like you own the place, and head into the office for an interview. You meet the team, make small talk, tour the building, and if all ends well, you land the job! Well, throw all that out the window…with social distancing now in place, virtual interviewing is becoming the new normal. Continue reading Tips for Virtual Interviewing at InMotion Hosting Blog.

What Is an API?

In order to better understand what an API is, it’s easier to first ask: What is not an API? An API can be many things, but these are a few things it cannot be: A singular computer program that runs and executes a defined set of functions and nothing else. A database full of various bits of information. A programming language. All of those things, by themselves, do not amount to an API, but they can be used to interact with an API. Continue reading What Is an API? at InMotion Hosting Blog.

Beginner Tips For Working From Home

Making the transition from office life to remote life can be very difficult at first. You have traded the standard office distractions for home distractions. And the latter can be difficult to handle alongside the demands of work. You might have kids in need of snacks, a broken kitchen appliance, home chores beckoning to you from across the room or from the backyard. For many people, working from home can be much more challenging than working from within the confines of the office. Continue reading Beginner Tips For Working From Home at InMotion Hosting Blog.

How to Blog for Small Businesses: Best Practices for Business Blogs

You’ve heard it time and time again. To increase traffic and business to your website, create a blog. However, if you’re going to create a blog, you need to make sure you’re implementing it correctly in order to reap the benefits. This article will walk you through the best practices for business blogs so you can blog with your best foot forward.  Keyword Research Competitor Research Identifying Topics Consistent Quality Content Anatomy of a Great Blog Post Launch your web presence quickly and easily with our Shared Hosting plans.  Continue reading How to Blog for Small Businesses: Best Practices for Business Blogs at InMotion Hosting Blog.

Working Remotely Through the Internet

Working remotely through the internet may include having to access a web-based application, updating or creating client websites, or simply interacting with your co-workers through web-based productivity suites or other applications. Many of us who are used to working in an office space may not be familiar with working away from the desktops that are anchored on an office desk.  What should you consider when working remotely? And are there any suggested solutions to go along with this list?  We will list a few concerns about working remotely and then suggest some solutions to go along with them.  This won’t be a comprehensive list, but at the very least it will include fundamental considerations for working remotely from the comfort of your home. Continue reading Working Remotely Through the Internet at InMotion Hosting Blog.

Essential Website Elements that Increase Online Profits

It’s no secret that your website is a great tool to generate more leads and profit for your business. However, bad web design and a cluttered layout can hurt your digital marketing efforts. In addition, omitting elements like a call to action (CTA) or a contact form can stunt your online growth and revenue. Why create a website if you’re not going to optimize it for business growth?  This article will guide you through essential website elements that increase online profits for small businesses. Continue reading Essential Website Elements that Increase Online Profits at InMotion Hosting Blog.

Keeping Your Business Afloat During An Economic Downturn

Every business—big and small—is never more than a breath away from economic hardship. Facing an unexpected downturn is a dreaded day for all, but they are a fact of life. Small businesses will be hit hardest when the numbers go south. But there are ways to mitigate the effects. Remember, there are different kinds of economic downturns: some you can prepare for and others you cannot anticipate with any degree of accuracy. Among the downturns you can prepare for, you should always take account of seasonality and new trends. Continue reading Keeping Your Business Afloat During An Economic Downturn at InMotion Hosting Blog.

Creating Your First WordPress Plugin

There are many reasons why you may, at some point, want to build your own WordPress plugin. The WordPress core functionality gives you all the necessary features of a content management system (CMS). These include a front end process to generate pages and a back end to manage the content you create. There are also functions to protect the site by locking the back end, so only registered users may access the administrative features. Continue reading Creating Your First WordPress Plugin at InMotion Hosting Blog.

What Is cPanel?

cPanel, often referred to as “control panel,” is an interface for customizing and making changes to your hosting account with InMotion Hosting. Some of the great features that cPanel includes are: Email: Within cPanel you can create new email accounts, view/modify your existing accounts, modify your MX records, change email passwords, set up mailbox quotas and much more. Domains: Under the domains section of cPanel, you can configure new domains to your account, set up parked domains, create subdomains, setup redirects, and much more. Continue reading What Is cPanel? at InMotion Hosting Blog.

What Is Jetpack and Why Do You Need It?

In the world of WordPress, you will soon notice patterns emerging. The majority of WordPress users, developers, and sites will begin to conform to certain standards. Within that circle, there are a series of elite plugins that virtually every website—no matter how big or small—introduces into the ecosystem. The Jetpack plugin, from Automattic, is fast becoming one of those plugins. What makes Jetpack so important? As you were investigating hosting plans, you likely compared “self-hosted” WordPress installation with the hosted system. Continue reading What Is Jetpack and Why Do You Need It? at InMotion Hosting Blog.

Winning Strategies of The Top Women of YouTube

YouTube has been around for a while, and it’s become as much a part of our lives as the radio or TV for past generations. But over the past few years, YouTube has not only grown to become the world’s second largest search engine (a monumental achievement), but has also skyrocketed far past every other social media platform, second only to Facebook in terms of total social media market share. What accounts for this rapid growth? Continue reading Winning Strategies of The Top Women of YouTube at InMotion Hosting Blog.

National Grammar Day — How Not To Use a Thesaurus

Your thesaurus can be your best friend, or at least a great writing tool. (Is the plural form of thesaurus “thesauruses” or “thesauri”? Both acceptable.) We all know the feeling. In the heat of composition, you reach for a word that seems to keep slipping through your fingers like a wet noodle. The amazing thesaurus can save you. However, most writing professors and opinionated types will tell you to chuck the thesaurus or, worse, burn it. Continue reading National Grammar Day — How Not To Use a Thesaurus at InMotion Hosting Blog.

Is Your Affiliate Marketing Game On Course?

For anyone who has a blog with a decent amount of traffic, affiliate marketing is an easy way to generate some extra cash. All you need to do is drop a link on your site to a product or service you endorse, and you can get rewarded if people click on it and eventually make a purchase. Simple. But if you’ve been doing the affiliate trade for a while, it always helps to go back and make sure your affiliate content is up to date. Continue reading Is Your Affiliate Marketing Game On Course? at InMotion Hosting Blog.

Doom: An Emacs For Vim Users

If you’re in the market for a fast and dangerous text editor with all the bells and whistles you’ve probably looked at Vim and Emacs and, maybe, shook your head and gave up. They’re too old, too difficult, yet somehow intriguing. But which one to choose? They both have their pros and cons. Why not do both? Intro to Vim The vi editor, pronounced “vee-eye,” better known by its later iteration, Vim, is one of the world’s most popular free text editors. Continue reading Doom: An Emacs For Vim Users at InMotion Hosting Blog.

How To Create a Movie Review Site

When was the last time you saw a movie and instantly desired to share your opinion of it? If you know the difference between a smash cut and a jump cut, and you can spot the difference between a wide angle lens in The Shining and telephoto lens in The Graduate, then you’re a film critic and you need a website to start posting your articles on the web. If you work hard at it, pretty soon you may find yourself contributing to the Rotten Tomatoes score. Continue reading How To Create a Movie Review Site at InMotion Hosting Blog.

Top 5 Must-have Chrome Extensions for Developers and Designers

Enterprise software seems to get more complicated every day. Larger systems require special training or the dispatch of special consultants. Meanwhile, smaller pieces of software often win the day. Smaller software, like browser extensions, can provide a lot of value even in a smaller package. The extensions represented here emphasize simplicity. They don’t promise a lot, but they deliver big-time on a specific, important action. Wappalyzer JSON Formatter Colorzilla TextExpander Clear Cache These extensions provide a nice array of features that will appeal to developers and designers. Continue reading Top 5 Must-have Chrome Extensions for Developers and Designers at InMotion Hosting Blog.

Keeping an SEO Checklist Can Help You Stay on Target

Search Engine Optimization (SEO) is a popular topic, and for good reason. We all use search engines every day to help us find websites relevant to our searches. Naturally, if you have a website, you will want it to show up in those search results. SEO can help you make sure, at the very least, that your site (through code or content) will do no harm to your chances of ranking. But the job of creating good content, which is one of the most important ranking factors, is your main task. Continue reading Keeping an SEO Checklist Can Help You Stay on Target at InMotion Hosting Blog.

Safer Internet Day–Get Your Security Game In Order

The wonders of the Internet provide a myriad of opportunities, but also threats. Today is Safer Internet Day. But unlike other holidays, you don’t celebrate this one by taking a day off. A safer Internet means staying vigilant. Today you are sure to see plenty of messages on social media about how we (meaning the world) can work together to build a safer Internet for everyone. It sounds like a nice idea, but there’s a flaw. Continue reading Safer Internet Day–Get Your Security Game In Order at InMotion Hosting Blog.

3 Ways to Create a Local PHP Development Environment

For many users just starting out in web development, one of the greatest challenges is not learning the code itself but simply seeing your results in the browser. The problem is, you need to first set up a proper PHP development environment in order to get your code to run in the browser. If you use PHP Composer, no worries, it’s available in all InMotion Hosting accounts. PHP Is a Server-side Scripting Language As you’re just starting out in coding for the web, you are probably already aware that the web code you write locally must be run in a web browser. Continue reading 3 Ways to Create a Local PHP Development Environment at InMotion Hosting Blog.


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