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Featured Blog: Everyday Sociology

"What if sociologists ran the world?" Take a look at Everyday Sociology to get an idea.  It is a sociological look at what is happening in the world - from politics, entertainment, religion, and even pop culture.  The blog features interesting, informative, and most of all entertaining commentary from sociologists around the United States. The Typepad Team

5 Ways To Clean Up Your Blog

The Spring-Cleaning season is here. You may be focused on cleaning your home or personal goals, but don't forget to give your blog some attention. It may be overwhelming to think about cleaning up your blog. Never fear! We have a great checklist to get you started! The Typepad Team

Featured Blog: Knitorious

When you're bit by the craft bug, it consumes your life like it has with Vicki at Knitorious. Vicki has been blogging with Typepad since 2004 in what started as a knitting blog. Knitorious has... The Typepad Team


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