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TikTok Self-Service Ads: What Marketers Need to Know

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Welcome to this week’s edition of the Social Media Marketing Talk Show, a news show for marketers who want to stay on the leading edge of social media. On this week’s Social Media Marketing Talk Show, we explore an update of TikTok’s self-serve ad platform, how businesses are developing content on TikTok, and much more […] The post TikTok Self-Service Ads: What Marketers Need to Know appeared first on Social Media Marketing | Social Media Examiner.

What Is Colocation?

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You’re likely hearing a dizzying variety of new terminology flying around from “infrastructure as a service” to “hybrid cloud” and many more. It’s really quite simple to understand what colocation is without the cloud-related buzzwords. Yet, colocation and cloud are not unrelated concepts. This article will help you clear up the differences between these concepts and what they can mean for your business. Data Center Facility Colocation basically means getting your own space in a data center. Continue reading What Is Colocation? at InMotion Hosting Blog.

How to Prepare for Your Next Job Interview

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If you set a career-related new years resolution, interviewing for jobs may be a top priority on your to-do list. But the question is, how do you stand out from the crowd and convince the people interviewing you that you’re an irreplaceable asset to the team? Fear not! Here are some ways you can ace your next interview.  Practice, practice, practice Not surprisingly, LinkedIn found that 54 percent of jobseekers say that the interview phase is challenging due to lack of confidence and... .

cPanel Pricing Changes: A Powerful Alternative

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2020 has seen a big change for hosting clients. cPanel, a hosting admin panel that allows site owners to make changes to their hosting plans, has changed its pricing structure. As a result, the cost of hosting will likely increase for most hosting clients.  But it doesn’t need to. There are a number of cPanel alternatives available to site owners that are just as powerful (if not more powerful). Here, we’ll talk through one of those alternatives. What Is cPanel? When you host a site with any hosting provider, you’re able to make a number of changes to your hosting infrastructure. cPanel is a graphical interface that allows you to do this without having to work through the command line.  cPanel is a powerful tool for site administrators. It not only allows you to make changes to your hosting plan, it also allows you to: Add and change SSL certificates Create backups View access logs Access database administration Configure FTP settings Manage files Unfortunately, cPanel is not owned by your hosting provider. As a result, cPanel manages its own pricing structure. As of January 1, 2020, they have adopted an account-based pricing structure.  What Does the cPanel Pricing Change Mean for You? The new cost for users depends on the server and plan types they use. However, on average the cost for end-users (you) will increase by 25%-50%. Since the cost is calculated on a per-account basis, in some cases you may see costs rise by more than 100%.  This price change has come as a shock to much of the hosting community, with many users unsure of how to now keep costs low.  Luckily, we offer an alternative to cPanel, one which is just as powerful and that comes bundled with all of our hosting plans: The Nexcess Client Portal.  The Nexcess Client Portal is a custom hosting admin panel created for use by Nexcess customers. As it stands, The Nexcess Client Portal has thousands of licenses in production and as we continue to grow with our clients, we expect to increase that number by thousands more in the coming months.  cPanel Alternatives The Nexcess Client Portal is similar to cPanel. It offers all the same features your find with cPanel in a slightly different interface. In addition, you’ll be able to access and configure the technology options you find with Nexcess that you won’t find anywhere else. This includes Nexcess Auto Scaling, Elasticsearch, and the Cloud Accelerator.  The Nexcess Client Portal makes site management easy.  You’ll immediately be given access to the Nexcess Client Portal as soon as you sign up for an account. The screenshot above provides a basic overview of the Client Portal for Managed WooCommerce plans.  Depending on the application you choose for your hosting service, you’ll have access to different features. Each of these is tailored to your specific setup and is designed to make developing your site as simple as possible.  A number of tutorials for how to use the Nexcess Client Portal can be found in the Knowledge Base.  Moving to the Nexcess Client Portal If you’re not a Nexcess client yet and are interested in making the move to Nexcess services, you can get started by visiting our cloud hosting page and selecting the right plan for your requirements.  Alternatively, get in touch with a Nexcess support team member to discuss your options and how the Nexcess Client Portal can help you.  The post cPanel Pricing Changes: A Powerful Alternative appeared first on Nexcess Blog.

HostGator Customer Spotlight: Xcelencia

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The post HostGator Customer Spotlight: Xcelencia appeared first on HostGator Blog. If you’re a side hustler, who is wondering whether or not your business will succeed, I have some good news for you. Many other HostGator customers that have come before you have built a website and started exceptional side hustles. Since HostGator started as a college side project, it’s not hard to believe that catering to side hustlers is one of our company passions and missions. We do everything we can to help other side hustlers get their businesses off the ground. How do we play our part? First and foremost, we provide a drag-and-drop website builder that helps even the most novice of computer users get a professional website up in no time, and at an affordable rate. But that’s not all. We also sponsor the Side Hustle Stars Awards to help motivate you to keep going when the going gets tough. To help you stay motivated as you build your website, here’s a quick look into the success of one of our favorite side hustlers, and this year’s 2nd place Side Hustle Awards winner, Xcelencia. Who Is Xcelencia?  Xcelencia is an independent, Latin, urban recording artist and music producer who is innovating outside the traditional music industry. Not only is Xcelencia a stellar recording artist and music producer, but we were impressed with his website and wanted to learn more about him. Here is what we learned about Xcelencia. Xcelencia explained to us how he first became interested in the music business: “I started producing music at around 14, I started off with songwriting lyrics and music and quickly moved on to production and engineering by the time I was 18. My family collected vinyl records, and I remember the cover artworks drew a lot of interest from me at the time, and I wanted to understand it at a deeper level. I also remember reading lyric books from albums and trying to understand how music works.” As a side hustler, Xcelencia now gets to work on his own projects and with a team of producers.  He said, “I am grateful to work both independently on the business side, but have an amazing team of individuals that help me produce music to get it to the next level, the internet allows for collaboration from people from different parts of the world, and I am happy to be a part of the ride.” With the help of Xcelencia’s website, he can digitally share his recordings and connect with like-minded individuals. What Challenges Did Xcelencia Face and Overcome? While the music business has been good to Xcelencia, running a side hustle hasn’t been without its challenges. He explained some of his initial challenges:  “Lack of funding was always an obstacle, especially in an industry where raising capital is very difficult outside of the traditional music system. This forced me to become more creative, not only with the product, but also on the promotional and marketing aspect. It’s important to remain within the box to conform to the average consumer; however, playing outside of the box allows you to innovate and find new gaps and strategies to overcome your obstacles.” Xcelencia overcame these challenges with creative marketing and trial and error. He shared, “A lot of marketing entails a strategy but also trial and error. One of my most successful strategies included planning way in advance of the product release day to make sure that all areas were covered before launching the campaign to promote it, however, be ready to adjust as you go.” Not only does he tout the importance of trial and error, but also patience. He gives the following advice to other side hustlers:  “Patience is important in very competitive industries. Some people think competition means that there is no room for growth or impact, but rather it means there is an opportunity. The difficulty is a bit higher compared to other fields, and being patient is the secret sauce after discipline and work ethic.” Xcelencia has been successful, not just in terms of revenue, but also in terms of “the amount of positive feedback and constructive criticism” he receives from listeners, colleagues, and more. Why Choose HostGator? Reviewing Xcelencia’s website was a pleasure, and we wanted to learn why he chose HostGator to build his music website out of all other potential choices. He mentioned that HostGator came highly recommended by some friends that had been entrepreneurs for several years at the time. As he started using HostGator, he came to love the user-friendly dashboard and how support is always very helpful whenever he needs it.  He also said, “I want to focus on the growth of my business website, and HostGator allows me to! My HostGator website allows me to quickly update it to reflect my moves on social media and other platforms where I showcase my work into a single platform that can be accessed quickly and efficiently.” For more information about how you can start your own side hustle website, get started with our step-by-step guide. Find the post on the HostGator Blog

Social Media ROI: How to Measure Your Social Marketing

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Want to improve the return on investment (ROI) of your social media marketing? Are you measuring the right things? To explore everything you need to know about measuring ROI, I interview Christopher Penn on the Social Media Marketing Podcast. Christopher is the chief data scientist at Trust Insights. He also hosts the In-Ear Insights podcast. […] The post Social Media ROI: How to Measure Your Social Marketing appeared first on Social Media Marketing | Social Media Examiner.

Top Development and Design Plugins to Make Your Website Stand Out

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One of the biggest benefits of using WordPress is the vast ecosystem of plugins users can choose from to modify and customize their websites. Plugins exist for a wide variety of use cases, including marketing, eCommerce, and security, just to name a few. Today, we’ll take a look at some of the top plugins out… The post Top Development and Design Plugins to Make Your Website Stand Out appeared first on WP Engine.

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A dedicated IP address may be necessary for certain users using a shared hosting plan. It is an add-on hosting product that can be beneficial for businesses or individuals who are experiencing high levels of website traffic or need regular access to their website FTP. Use this guide to determine if a dedicated IP address […] The post Do you need a dedicated IP address? appeared first on Blog.

The 5 Phases of WordPress Mastery

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Starting out on the WordPress journey can be intimidating. It seems like a whole new world with lots of buttons and options. And there’s creative concerns like menus, colors, site navigation, content writing. In order to get the most out of WordPress it’s best to see your work as a series of phases in which you take on greater challenges in sequence. Beginner Phase—Learn The Bare Bones Community Phase—Join a WordPress Community Theme Phase—Start Coding a Theme Plugin Phase—Make a Plugin Master Phase—Contribute to Core After you get through these phases—even if it takes you several years—you will know your WordPress judo well. Continue reading The 5 Phases of WordPress Mastery at InMotion Hosting Blog.

Introducing Your New and Improved WP Engine User Portal

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At WP Engine, being “Customer Inspired” is a core value we rely on for our overall strategic vision as well as the day-to-day enthusiasm we put behind helping our customers win online.     We often solicit customer feedback for our various products and offerings, as most recently seen with our updates to Smart Plugin Manager, our… The post Introducing Your New and Improved WP Engine User Portal appeared first on WP Engine.

How to Launch a Website for Your Service Business Side Hustle

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The post How to Launch a Website for Your Service Business Side Hustle appeared first on HostGator Blog. Did you know you can make a considerable chunk of change by starting a service-based side business? In fact, the average person with a handyman services business earns an average of $77 per hour. This may come as a shock to you, and it may even be more than you are currently making at your 9-5 job. If you have grown up learning the ins and outs of fixing up houses, repairing appliances, doing maintenance, or if you know how to fix electronics, now may be the perfect time to put your talents to use and to start your service business side hustle. This post will cover what’s involved in running a service business side hustle, how a website can help you launch your side business, and how easy it is to get your service business website up in no time. What’s Involved in Running a Service Business Side Hustle? The first thing that may come to your mind when running a service-based side hustle is providing handyman services. However, a service business side hustle can include turning any number of your service-based talents into a business. Of course, this can include handyman services, but it could also include pest control services, mobile detailing, fixing appliances, and more. Michael Espinal is one service business side hustler that turned a hobby into a business, with iTechFixIt. Espinal explains that he repairs cellular phones, tablets, and offers computer repairs. He says, “My side business began as a hobby and slowly grew. I now have over 350 contacts, and my part-time business is slowly growing.” Carl Larkin is another side hustler that provides a unique take on a service-based side hustle. He is a plumber and repairman by trade but found more monetary value in combining his plumbing knowledge and website acumen to create courses for other technicians. Larkin explains how he created a special order system for his family business, which eventually led him to start Trade Masters Online.  He says, “I’m a service and repair plumber. I graduated from college with an A- GPA. I did well in school, but I got married and needed a job, so I came back to work for the family plumbing business. The family business needed a system to make special order items, and we didn’t have an organized system.” Larkin seized this opportunity to create a special order system himself. He says, “On the side, after work, I spent more time learning how to create websites.” He successfully created a website, and charges clients every month they use the system. He also has plans to expand this special order website into a service program for other service contractors on the internet. His success with building the special order system for his family plumbing business led him to start online training courses for other technicians. Larkin says, “I now have another website helping teaching other technicians how to get their licensing.” Starting a service business side hustle involves identifying your key service-based talents, creating a website, and creating opportunities for yourself, just like Michael Espinal of iTechFixit and Carl Larkin of Trade Masters Online. Why Do Service Companies Need a Website? It’s safe to say that no matter what type of side hustle you are starting, the first step to success includes building a website.  Why?  The primary reason is that internet search is how the majority of consumers find businesses. In fact, 97% of consumers look for local businesses online. While it’s true that referrals go a long way and will be the majority of your business, it’s important to keep in mind that new customer acquisition will come from internet users using local search. It may seem obvious to state that having a website is necessary to draw customers to your business, but less than two-thirds of small businesses (64%) have a website. Let’s take a closer look at how having a HostGator website has helped various service business side hustlers experience success. Websites drive revenue. Another reason to have a website is that it can help drive customers and positively affect the bottom line of your business. Mike Carpinelli, the owner and operator of American Italian Construction, explains that his website is a huge revenue driver. He says, “My website is driving new customers to my side business, and I’ve gotten $320,000 worth of new business since Nov 2018.”  Imagine that. One platform—a website—is driving over $300K of revenue in under a year.  When push comes to shove, a website is a great way to drive visitors to your business, land new clients, and keep current customers coming back for more. Websites are low maintenance. Remember Carl Larkin? He is the creator of Trade Masters Online. A massive benefit of him having a website is he only had to create the system once and experiences residual income. Larkin says, “I invested 60 hours, and now I get a little bonus every week from my workplace as long as the system I made works and is maintained. Pretty much, I think about the website once every two months.” Building a website, especially an automated system or a hub for online courses, requires you to dedicate time upfront. However, once your website is up and running, it’s the gift that keeps on giving.  Websites provide accurate contact information. I recently had a personal experience with trying to find a handyman to fix my sink and some missing tiles in my bathroom. Like 97% of other consumers, I use Google any time I need to hire help a service-based business. I Googled “handyman near me,” and Google returned several third-party directories. It took me hours to sort through the directories and find accurate information. Not to mention, I had a difficult time getting in contact with these vendors and zero understanding of their availability. This failed search attempt doesn’t mean that Google search doesn’t work. It means that the handyman services in my area are severely under-utilizing one of the best marketing tools out there—a well-designed and search engine optimized website. It seems unbelievable, but it took me three weeks to find someone to hire. The craziest part? The second I got a hold of someone, they came to my house the next day and fixed the problems. I also gladly shelled out nearly $400 for a few hours of work. I know there are several service-based businesses in my area. I also know these side hustlers aren’t taking advantage of low competition when it comes to listing a website on Google. If you’re looking to attract more customers and help customers find you immediately, you need a website. Consider building a website where you list accurate contact information, include your availability, and provide access to an online schedule so that customers can book your services as soon as they find your website. How to Build a Service Business Website Now that you know how critical it is to have a website for your service business, let’s talk about how easy it is to start a website. As mentioned above, without the help of Google search, the success of your business will entirely depend on referrals. Referrals are an excellent way to capture new customers, but not the only way. To leverage your full potential, you also need a website. Thankfully, it’s easy to get a website up and running with the help of HostGator’s Website Builder. You don’t have to know how to code, don’t need any design skills, and it won’t break the bank to build a website. All you have to do is follow six quick steps, and you can get your website up in less than a day. Step 1: Pick a hosting plan for your service business website. The Gator Website Builder has three hosting plans for you to review. You can pick your plan depending on your needs and how much functionality you want your website to have.  The starter plan includes a free domain, 200+ templates, a drag-and-drop editor, cloud hosting, and website analytics, and is an excellent pick for someone looking to start a simple service business website. If you are nervous about building your own service business website and want priority support, you’ll want to select the premium plan. This plan provides everything in the starter plan but includes extra priority support.  If you are planning on selling online courses like Carl Larkin, then select the eCommerce plan. This plan will help you set up an eCommerce store where you can collect payments online. Once you’ve picked a plan, click “buy now” and you can set up your account. Step 2: Pick a domain name for your service business website. Every Gator Website Builder package includes a free domain. To pick your domain, all you have to do is type something in the “get domain” box. If your top choice isn’t available, select another. When it comes to picking a domain name for your service business side hustle, you can choose anything that describes what you do.  For example, Carl Larkin chose the name “Trade Masters Online” ( because it perfectly describes what he does. He provides online training to help people master a trade.  Mike Carpinelli is another excellent example of a service-based business side hustler with a great domain name. His domain name is This domain name aptly describes him and his business. Here is an article on how to choose the perfect domain name for your business if you need help deciding. If you already have a domain name, then you can connect it to your HostGator account by clicking “connect it here.”  Step 3: Create your account. Once you have a domain name, you can connect your HostGator account. All you need is an email address or Facebook account to connect. Then, enter your payment information, and you’re ready to go. Step 4: Pick a template for your service business website. Did you know the Gator Website Builder comes with templates, and all you have to do is pick the one that matches the vibe of your service business side hustle? That’s right! No coding involved. Once you create your account, HostGator will direct you to the “choose a template” page. You can scroll through more than 200 professionally-designed templates, and select the template that you love the most. You can also customize any of the templates to match the colors and theme of your service business. Step 5: Add content to your service business website. Once you have selected the perfect template, click “start editing.” This will send you to your dashboard where you can add, edit, and delete pages. Pages you might want to include are an about page, contact page, description of your services, and a page that links to your various online classes (if applicable). Gator Website Builder includes a drag and drop builder to make it easy to design your website. All you have to do is point and click. However, if you have any questions, Gator Website Builder also includes a free and easy step-by-step guide for reference that you can access at any time. To access this guide, click the “menu” icon next to the Gator by HostGator logo and select the “getting started tour.”   Step 6: Review your content and launch your service business website. The last step is to review your website and go live. By clicking “preview,” you can see your service business website in full. This is when you can look at your website and make sure everything looks how you want it to look. If everything looks right, then click the “finish preview” button at the top and then “publish website” at the top of the dashboard. Gator WebsiteBuilder will present a series of quick steps to help you go live. Start Your Service-Based Side Hustle Starting a side hustle is easier now than it ever has been before. This is especially true considering how many side hustle resources and online tools are available to you, and how easy it is to launch a website. With the help of a website, you can attract the right clients, and start making money.  For more information on how to get started, check out Gator Website Builder today. The process of building a website is intuitive, and you’ll be pleased with the results. Find the post on the HostGator Blog

A Human Lens on NRF’s 2020 Vision: Technology Is Awesome, but Never Lose Sight of Relationships

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NRF 2020 was chocked full of Vision. From walking the floor talking to vendors, to the keynote speeches, to engaging conversations with key partners – we were all focused on the advancements in technology. And for good reason – the retail industry in many ways is leading the way in integrated experiences, artificial intelligence, and security. These themes really stood out to me AI demonstrated its heft at integrating with existing in-store technologies to monitor and improve customers’ experiences in real-time. Ecommerce also demonstrated its agility in adopting and adapting AI to improve the experience of both browsers and buyers – from voice command to customized consumer guidance to forecasting sales to authenticating product reviews. In the aggregate, these advancements lead to an improved customer or user experience – especially vital for marquee brick-and-mortar retailers that must replicate superior customer service ethos online. Think Nordstrom or Total Wine, with some interesting lessons – what to do and what not to do – for small and medium-size online-only retailers. Innovation also took center stage in personalizing the consumer’s journey, from search to scroll to sale. An image of a desired item is uploaded and soon the product available for purchase. Digital measuring software ensures a bespoke fit in clothing or footwear – without ever entering a department store. Key to success across inventories is an omnichannel approach to meeting consumers where they are. Seamless integration agnostic to how a customer finds you – via mobile, online or in-store – will maximize their experiences by keeping their focus on what they seek to find, securely and free from gimmicks or impediments. It was all very cool. Amazing. Sometimes awe-inspiring. But as I reflected on the week in NYC, what really made the most lasting impact was the people and partners I interacted with…you know, people. Human intelligence had nothing artificial about it. I was reminded of the invaluable opportunity to hear from experts about all the above and think about how to leverage their ideas and prognostications for Nexcess and our customers. Because every transaction is backed by a human being, everything we do hinges on our relationships. I simply cannot overstate the importance of our people and our partners. Across the diverse communities that make our sector one of the most exciting places to be and work. As we look ahead to 2020 and beyond, the people at Nexcess are proud of and energized by of our new business packages, new technology partners, and new scaling options. We want to be the e-commerce industry’s most favored Partner in 2020. We’re ‘big tent’ people here at Nexcess and we strive every day to engage with our partners, our clients, and the broader community. We start with the expertise of our people and build an incredible platform around them – from providing a “Safe Harbor” product designed for Magento I businesses that need time to plan for transition to M2, to best in class Magento 2 hosting solutions, to the best WordPress and WooCommerce packages on the market, and to our cloud platform built on OpenStack. So, yeah, technology matters – a lot. But relationships are required to make it work. If the promise of 2020 is bringing further disruption as you navigate evolving technologies and related decisions, our promise to you is to continue supporting your endeavors and success. Expertise delivered by the most experienced and helpful humans in ecommerce. Site by Site. Store by Store. Side by Side. The post A Human Lens on NRF’s 2020 Vision: Technology Is Awesome, but Never Lose Sight of Relationships appeared first on Nexcess Blog.

Find the perfect address with .EMAIL

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I got my first email address when I was in high school. Yes, I had a really embarrassing email ID too, which I use to this date. But as I began my career, I learnt of the importance of domains and professional email IDs. My first professional ID was amrita@mycompany which I was proud of. As you may know, a brand can give its employees and departments such an email address because they own the domain (think:,,, etc.). It’s probably safe to say that one of the most valuable purposes of a web domain is often, email. So why not just have an .EMAIL extension? In 2018, the no. of email users worldwide was 3.8 billion. This number is set to rise to 4.4 billion in 2023. (source: With such a large user base, the .EMAIL extension surely has a place in the domain market. Let’s look at why .EMAIL is a great domain option for your customers. Why .EMAIL? It’s memorable: An .EMAIL domain will make your customers’ business memorable because of its uniqueness. Email addresses are passé. Just share your website address while you network! It is universal & widely used: The term ‘email’ is recognised globally, across languages and geographies. It is used daily at work places, events, conferences, in personal conversations and more. It is widely understood.  It sends a message: The domain helps convey exactly what your brand stands for! Who is .EMAIL for? .EMAIL is perfect for: Anyone who wants a memorable mailing address Marketing agencies Email marketing professionals & email application companies CRMs and mailing technology brands For example, just by adding .EMAIL extensions to popular email applications, the domain conveys exactly what the app is about –,, The ResellerClub Advantage With ResellerClub, you can register .EMAIL domains at a special price of $2.99 and resell to make your profit! Get your customers on an .EMAIL domain today! .fb_iframe_widget_fluid_desktop iframe { width: 100% !important; } The post Find the perfect address with .EMAIL appeared first on ResellerClub Blog.

How to Use Short Videos to Turn Prospects Into Customers

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Are you struggling to move people from being familiar with you to buying from you? Wondering how to create short videos to help guide people to purchasing? In this article, you’ll learn how to create short, cost-effective videos to help convince people to purchase your product or service. Why Use Short, Fact-Based Video? According to […] The post How to Use Short Videos to Turn Prospects Into Customers appeared first on Social Media Marketing | Social Media Examiner.

Keeping our Members Safe from Harassment

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We work every day to ensure you, our members, have a safe and professional experience on LinkedIn. One of the ways we do this is by not tolerating any form of harassment. Anything anyone shares on LinkedIn has to follow our Professional Community Policies. This policy covers all content and any form of harassment -- from unkind words to unwanted romantic advancements to hate speech or bullying -- by any member. Our teams use a combination of technical measures, human review and reports from our... .


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